Mischief and Mates (Blue Ridge Magic #4) Read Online M.A. Innes

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Mates. As a human, Alick’s never been jealous of flying or magic, but mates…well, that’s worth a bit of envy and a dash of bad decisions. But with magic in the air and a mate who might be under a compulsion, all he can do is pray to the ancestors that they haven’t killed his potential mate…or worse.

Troublemakers. Grady’s always known his mate is out there somewhere waiting for him, but what he never expected is to be put under a compulsion or to find his mate in the strangest town he’s ever been to. But with the magic of mates and an adorable little who needs a Daddy and a bit of confidence, anything is possible.

If a spell can find wallets, keys, and phones, surely it can find where Alick’s mate has wandered off to, right?

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Chapter 1


“I thought he’d lost a sex toy, not a person!” Carrick’s voice kept getting louder, and even though I wasn’t the target of his frustration, he still made me nervous.

“You shouldn’t make assumptions about things like that.” Lorne shrugged and didn’t seem to realize how close he was to getting zapped by his mate.

Or worse.


To me, Carrick looked like he was plotting murder or a wicked scene, but either way I wanted to get out of the line of fire.

Mages were kind of nuts when they got this irrationally pissed off, and since the crazy mage didn’t love me, I wasn’t going to take any unreasonable chances.

“Lorne, what exactly did you tell Carrick?” Daddy Monroe was being especially Daddy with his tone, but he also stepped between the two men, so he was smart too. “I’m not sure the…the lost your shit spell was meant for people.”

“It wasn’t!” Carrick’s tone was almost squeaky he was so worked up, so I slowly took a step toward the back door. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it across the whole kitchen if he started slinging spells or Lorne did something stupid like shift, so my goal was to get as close as possible just in case.

Mages and dragons lost all common sense when shit like this happened.

Lorne shrugged and seemed to be trying to play dumb. “Um, well, I think I told Papa that Alick lost something important and private, and we’re not supposed to talk about private, so I couldn’t tell him what it was.”

Tapping on his cheek like he was in some kind of movie, Lorne sighed and swished the sequined skirt he was wearing from side to side. “Then I gave him a blow job?”

He hadn’t told me that part…no wonder it’d taken so long to go find Carrick.

Daddy Monroe groaned and rubbed his hands over his face as Carrick took a few deep breaths and started pacing. “Okay, in the future, if you ask for something like this, you have to be very specific about what’s going on. That’s a rule that I’m not going to negotiate on.”

“But privacy is very important.” Lorne looked like he was going to be stubborn on that and I could see his Daddy trying to decide what to do.

His brain must’ve worked faster than mine because he subtly shifted and crossed his arms over his chest. “So is your safety and Alick’s. Is this something we need to have a longer discussion on?”

Lorne was still for several seconds before hunching over and huffing. “No, I promised not to argue about safety things.”


That was a smart rule because he had manipulation problems and impulse control issues…which was what had gotten us into the situation to begin with.

I should’ve asked more questions, but we’d gotten just slightly tipsy and Carrick had been so nice about the whole thing…that’d clearly been the post blow job happiness working in Lorne’s favor…and the fact that he’d thought I’d lost my favorite sex toy had probably made him a bit giggly too.

But I was definitely asking Lorne more questions next time, even if I didn’t want to know the answers.

“You’d feel very bad if you or Alick got hurt.” Daddy Monroe sighed and managed to make us all feel guilty with the soft sound. “And what if the spell injured Alick’s mate in some way?”



Lorne was Lorne and only focused on what he wanted to hear. “You think it will work? I was just worried it’d been a week and he hadn’t turned up yet.”

Daddy Monroe looked like he couldn’t decide how ridiculous the situation had gotten and I couldn’t blame him. “I have every faith in Carrick’s abilities, but the spell was not meant for people.”

“Someone used it to find their pet rabbit once and they got every rabbit within a hundred miles showing up on their doorstep.” Throwing up his hands, Carrick started pacing faster. “That might just be an urban legend but what if it’s true?”

Did he think my mate was a rabbit?

Could mates multiply like rabbits?

“I don’t think Alick’s mate is a rabbit, Papa.” Lorne was doing his best to look cute, probably because he’d finally realized Carrick was still losing his mind. “But if he has a few mates out there, then I’m sure he’ll have fun. He’s very sturdy, so having multiple mates won’t break him.”

“Hey, I’m not that big…or fat.” Just because I wasn’t a cute twink like most of the littles in town didn’t mean I was fat.

“I said sturdy.” Lorne frowned and gestured in my direction. “You’ve got bulging muscles and a nice big dick. You’d be able to be fucked into next week and your mates wouldn’t have to worry about breaking you. That’s a good thing.”

As I opened my mouth, Carrick threw up his hands again and interrupted. “His dick size is not in question at the moment.”