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Alexa Riley

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Can’t get enough of Kingpin Series? You’re in luck! The story continues with a bonus novella on Emma and Giovanni.

Find out if their quick love story is the icing on the Kingpin cake!

Author Note: This story was originally added to the back of Kingpin, so you may have read it before. Due to formatting guidelines we are releasing these bonus chapters separately. Enjoy!
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Moments ago, I was cursing Sal, my boss. I’d been up for more than twenty-four hours. The job he’d sent me on in the middle of the night lasted well past morning. Most of it was spent getting the information I needed from someone with a mouth that was a little too loose. After I got what I wanted from the mouth, I made sure it wouldn’t open again.

One second I’m yelling at him, and the next I’m going to have to send him a fucking fruit basket or some shit.

I stand there with my jaw on the floor as I watch the most beautiful creature make her way toward me. Hell, I haven’t even fully seen her face yet, but I can feel it deep in my gut. And I always trust my gut.

She’s it.

She’s the woman Sal used to give me shit about before he met his own wife and was knocked off his ass. I’d been saying for years I was waiting for the woman I was going to marry. The second I knew, I’d snatch her up and make her mine. I’d put half a dozen babies in her before she even knew what hit her.

Her head is down, with bright red curls covering up part of her face. She’s staring at the book in her hand. She hasn’t noticed me yet. How does she not know I just fell in love?

My eyes travel down her body. She’s wearing a simple white summer dress with flowers on it and a jacket over it. The top of her dress dips into her full cleavage, giving me just a glimpse. Only an inch or so is showing, but there’s no missing a big set of tits like that. She’d overflow my hands. They would spill out of them and I’d suck those parts into my mouth. Yes, a perfect handful. And mouthful. My attention moves down to her waist, where it narrows and then to her flaring hips. It’s no small dip either, but full-on wide ass and hips. My fingers would melt into her there. I could really dig in and grab on. Grip her as hard as I wanted, keeping her how I wanted.

My grandmother, rest her soul, used to call them “child-bearing hips.” And this woman before me was born to have babies. She’d have no problem carrying as many as a man could bury in her lush body.

Anger flashes through me hot and hard, making me grit my teeth. The thought of another man climbing on top of her has me wanting to reach for my gun and track him down. I calm myself with thoughts of being that man. If there’s someone standing in my way, I’ll fix that. Quick.

When she makes it to the counter, she turns her head to the left, blocking even more of her face from me. She tucks her book into the bag she has over her shoulder as she looks back at the display. She pushes her thick black-framed glasses up her small button nose, and something in my chest aches to do that for her. She bites her lip as she studies the rows of pastries, as if it’s the most important decision she’s ever made.

I can’t pull my eyes away from her. I want her to turn to look at me so I can see her face fully.

Alberto moves away from where we’d been talking after he’d given me a cup of coffee. He goes over to her, and the heat of jealousy flares up at the thought that he’s going to get to talk to her first. If he wasn’t seventy years old, and happily married for forty of them, I might start a problem. That’s something I want and I’m going to get it. I know she’s what I’ve been looking for.

“Can I get you something?” Alberto asks her.

“I don’t think I can choose.” Her voice is so soft I almost don’t hear it.

I can’t stop myself from taking a step forward. She turns to look at me, and her perfect pink lips form an O shape. They’re shiny and full, and Jesus Christ, do I want them wrapped around my dick.

I feel like someone hits me in the solar plexus with a crowbar as her bright blue eyes meet mine. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life seen something so striking. They’re stunning against her porcelain skin with little freckles peppering her nose and cheeks.

She gives me a smile, which I know is polite, but still two deep dimples appear in her full cheeks. I should stop staring. I know I’m making her uncomfortable. But I can’t seem to speak, move, or pull my eyes from her. Every cell is my body is screaming to melt against hers, and I don’t have the ability to form a coherent sentence.