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Musketeers (Fallen MC #2)

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Bianca had never contemplated that helping her sister and nephew escape the abusive man who ruled their lives would mean winding up here, in a dank cold cell, shivering and beaten. Just as hope was about to leave her entirely, she is rescued by three huge men with Fallen MC patches on their backs; The Musketeers. Bianca clings to them for protection and comfort but little does she know what they want in return. Will Bianca be able to save her sister’s family, and in doing so will she get an unconventional one of her own?
Bones, King and Digger have finally found the woman for them but nothing is ever simple in a MC world. They will do whatever it takes to keep Bianca safe and by their sides forever. Can they get her to accept all three men as hers and change their triad into a tribe?
This can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the Fallen MC series.
This is a m/m/f/m book, therefore there are m/m elements. If this is not to your taste, please skip this book. Recommend for 18+ readers.
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Fallen MC Series by C.J. Washington

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Chapter One


6 weeks ago

“Just take it and go.” Bianca was now past being gentle and was pushing her sister towards the rental car she had picked up that morning.

“I don't know if I can do this, B!” Maggie forced out while unsuccessfully trying to hold back a sob.

Bianca could see her precious sister, Maggie, was about to have a complete meltdown and they simply didn't have time for that. She took her sister’s arms in her hands and squeezed to get her attention. Bianca desperately needed her to focus if they were going to pull this off. The plan wouldn’t allow for a second attempt. It was now or never. Her sister’s tear drenched eyes met hers. It made her want to breakdown as well but she had to be strong enough for both of them right now. Urgency was pulling at her gut. She had to stop herself from continually checking the time and scanning the area around them. This was her only family and she had to save them.

Maggie was her best friend. Only a year older than herself, they had stuck together through everything. Maggie had never brushed her off, abandoned her or treated her like an annoying little sister, which Bianca knew she was at times growing up. Maggie had been popular since the moment she stepped into school. She radiated goodness and everyone was drawn to it. She was always surrounded by friends, yet she never let Bianca be pushed to the back of the crowd. And now for the first time they had to separate. They'd always been together. Through seven foster homes, one group home and four different schools they'd stuck with each other. They had never let anyone come between them. That was until now.

It was four years ago that everything changed. The man who they believed was their salvation from their increasingly stagnant lives, strode into the diner they were both working at. Bianca was the kitchen assistant and was rarely out front with the customers, but even she felt Dane’s presence as he walked through the diner door. She couldn't stop herself from stretching towards the service hatch to see what was going on and who was able to make the usually rowdy diner crowd almost silent. Dane had a commanding presence. He seemed untouchable and both men and women were drawn to him. Men tried to impress him, while the women fawned all over his sculpted frame, forest green eyes and designer clothes. He was quick with a smile and jokes. He made everyone feel valued and as if they held his attention.

Dane’s eyes had latched onto Maggie as soon as he walked in. Who’s wouldn't? Maggie’s tall, slender figure, pretty face with striking, bright blue eyes and cascading blonde locks always caught men’s attention. Bianca had always been entertained by some of the lengths men would go to to get her to interact with them. Some were pretty smooth and slick, however most of the time they were mumbling and nervous, asking random questions in the hope of striking up a conversation. Either way it made for good viewing. Maggie used to argue that they were just being nice or friendly – she never saw her own value, which definitely added to her overall appeal.

Bianca had watched on and off for the rest of her shift as Maggie served Dane, blushing and giggling at whatever he was saying to her. That same night she listened as her sister told her almost word for word of their entire exchange. She had never seen her sister smile so wide and swoon so much over a simple conversation. Then she sat for two hours while Maggie emptied her wardrobe trying to find the perfect date outfit.

The next day she’d helped Maggie get ready for her date with Dane and had made sure she was picture perfect. She could recall praying to whoever may be listening that her sister would steal Dane’s heart and give her a much deserved happily ever after.

Now, she just wished she could take that prayer back.

Bianca let her gaze turn to the sweet little boy bundled up in the back seat of the rented car. She could feel her heart tearing in half at the prospect of not seeing or speaking to him everyday. Part of her was selfish as she’d tried everything she could to try and hide them nearby. It wasn’t to be and she kept reminding herself that her missing them both was not a good enough reason to risk them staying where Dane might reach them. This was about Brandon and Maggie’s safety and she needed to remember that. There was no room for selfishness in this situation. Bianca had to let them go even though every part of her didn't want to.

“You know you need to get yourself and Brandon away from him, Mags. This is the only option. You know that.” She stressed, keeping her tone stern. Time was running out and if her sister didn't leave soon their whole plan would be jeopardised. She didn't want to imagine what would happen if they were caught. Life was already hell, yet she was sure Dane could make it a lot worse. “Now, get in that car and you drive that precious boy far away and you start living the life you both deserve. I'll find you when I can.”