Never Say Never (Western Wildcats Hockey #4) Read Online Jennifer Sucevic

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Colby McNichols, otherwise known as the baby-faced assassin, is the left wing for the Western Wildcats hockey team. All he has to do is sign his name on the dotted line and he’ll play for the pros after his senior season. What I’ve heard from the girls on campus, who aren’t shy about spilling the tea, is that he’s totally earned his reputation.

And then some.

It’s just one of the reasons I choose to steer clear.

Trust me when I say that my life is complicated enough without getting tangled up with a player.

For reasons I can’t fathom, Colby has decided to insert himself in my life. Everywhere I go, there he is. Which makes holding him at a distance nearly impossible. He might be smoking hot but there’s zero point in starting something with this guy. Especially since I can’t be honest about who I am.

Unfortunately, a weekend spent in Vegas changes everything.

Turns out that our friends weren’t the only ones who tied the knot in Sin City.

I can only hope that what they say is true—what happens in Vegas stays there.

Because if it doesn’t…

I’m screwed.

And not in a good way.

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The guy hasn’t said a single word yet, and already my skin is buzzing with awareness. How is it possible that his steady gaze sliding over my body feels more like a physical caress than anything else?

It doesn’t make the least bit of sense.

I’m not into his brand of handsome.

He’s way too attractive for his own good.

Even worse than that?

He knows it.

And uses it as a weapon of female destruction.

I’m well acquainted with his type.

And I’m not interested.

If only it were possible to stomp out the arousal that has settled at the bottom of my belly like an unmovable stone.

Ever since stepping foot on campus in August, I’ve been inundated with the stories that circulate regarding Colby McNichols. At this point, they’re more like urban legends or Western University folklore. Tales that will be passed down for generations to come. Even if I hadn’t heard about him, it would be impossible not to catch sight of all the girls that cling to the guy like baby rhesus monkeys.

And not one at a time, either.

These chicks don’t care if they need to share him just to get a small taste.

Can you even imagine?

Ummm….no thanks.

In fact, I just threw up in my mouth.


On both accounts.

Mr. Too Hot to Handle needs to move it along, because I am definitely not a puck bunny who’ll fall onto her back and spread her legs wide. Or a groupie that’ll hang on his every word, hoping to be chosen for the night. This guy eats girls up like sugary cereal in the morning before moving onto the next thirty minutes later.

I’m probably giving him way too much credit.

More like fifteen.

I bet his starfish impression is dead on.

Sadly, they love him for it.

I just can’t.

“I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting,” he says, deep voice smooth and brimming with confidence as he interrupts my conversation with Carina.

I got to know the pretty blonde dancer during the fall semester and really clicked with her. She seems more like a girl’s girl.

Which is refreshing.

And I enjoy her friends just as much. Juliette, Stella, Viola, and Fallyn are all great girls who have welcomed me into their tight-knit group with open arms. This is the first time in almost a decade that I can actually say I have a handful of genuine female friendships. They have no idea just how much that means to me.

Maybe if I ignore him long enough, he’ll get the hint and exit stage left.

A second or two ticks by before he turns up the wattage of his smile. It makes the dimples in his cheeks pop and flash. It takes effort to stomp out the zip of electricity attempting to sizzle its way through my veins.

“What’s your name, beautiful?”


So much for him picking up what I’m laying down.

When it becomes obvious that he isn’t going to get lost until I double down on my disinterest, I flick a steely look in his direction.

One that will hopefully shrivel his balls.

“I’m not interested. So, feel free to move it along.”

Dismissing him, I resume my convo with Carina.

That hard-edged tone is usually enough to cause the most obnoxious of men to deflate like a popped balloon and slink away with their tails tucked firmly between their legs.

I’ve spent years honing it so that it’s razor sharp.

And just as deadly.

I’ve handled men twice my age who are execs in the biz and think that makes me fair game. So, putting this college hockey playing hottie in his place should be a piece of cake.

I wince at the unconscious descriptor.

His brows pinch as he blinks in confusion. “Excuse me?”

I’m forced to turn more fully in his direction before annunciating carefully as if talking to a two-year-old, “I said that I wasn’t interested. Hockey players aren’t my thing. Now, if you’ll⁠—”

The muscles in his face soften as he flashes another dazzling smile that’s even more swoonworthy than the first before giving me an—are you cray-cray look. Confidence drips from every word. “Sweetheart, I’m everybody’s thing.”

Thrown off by his response, my eyes widen as a burst of laughter escapes from me. This guy really is full of himself.

I mean…sure, I’d heard he was, but seeing it in action firsthand is another matter entirely. All I can say is that it’ll be an absolute pleasure to disabuse him of the notion that he can have any girl he wants simply by flashing his dimples. As I reach out and pat his clean-shaven cheek, another surge of desire flares to life before I douse it like an out-of-control kitchen fire.

“I’m sure that you are, pretty boy. But not mine.”

Genuine interest ignites in his eyes as he invades my personal space. It’s tempting to retreat a step, but I refuse to give him the satisfaction.

“Here’s an idea—how about you let me buy you a shot and we’ll see just how wrong you are when I roll out of your bed in the morning?”