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Dark Angel

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Three hot bosses in a high powered office? It’s the job of your dreams. By the time we’re done, they’ll be wet dreams.
We knew from the moment you walked in that you were perfect. You're innocent. With a side of naughty that we can’t wait to bring out.
And we can bring out the filthy in anyone. It’s helped us become the top consulting firm in the country. Made us wealthier than you can ever imagine.
But now we’re going to shower you with that wealth. And when we’re done wining and dining you we won’t stop. We’ll shower you with other things as well.
With three massive alpha males, you can guess what it’s going to be.
You may be worried at first. But you know deep down that the three of us will love you. Protect you. Treat you more than just an office asset.
Because this isn’t just an office where you clock in and clock out. This is going to become a home away from home. You'll need to please all of your bosses.
And it’ll call for lots of overtime.
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"Hi Tiffany, I'd like you to come to my office," I call over the integrated voice system.

"I'll be right in."

She saunters in wearing a skimpy outfit: a blouse with two buttons undone, showcasing her deep cleavage; and a tiny pencil skirt, revealing much of her smooth legs. It's certainly not professional enough for the scope of our company, but we've hired Tiffany not for her brains but for her body. Besides, we like her to dress the part of a secretary aching to be fucked by three strong alpha males.

She probably enjoys it just as fucking much as we do and wakes up and pinches herself every day to check if this is really her life.

We have a lot of applicants. Every day, there are men and women vying to get into this company. We're the fucking best, and if you’re in with us, then your name is set for life. Your name will mean something, and it will have weight behind it.

We're fucking power players and everyone knows it.

Tiffany is just a little treat that my partners and I like to sample throughout the day.

"Hey honey, you look good," I say, looking her up and down.

There's carnal desire and passion in her eyes. She's already licking her lips, just dying to get a taste of me.

She won't have to wait long.

"Come here," I say, and she willingly comes. "Get on your knees."

She gives me a pouty expression that I don't fall for. Her seduction tactics are useless but she does have a nice body and she is at my beck and call, so why not?

She falls to her knees and starts to unzip my pants. She reveals my giant cock that’s hard and throbbing, aching for an afternoon treat.

She starts slobbering all over me. She spits on the tip of it and closes her fingers on my length with her hand.

Then she wraps her lips around my balls and starts going down on me. It makes warm pulsations of pleasure spread right through me. She's got skill, that I'll give her.

"Oh God, fuck, Tiffany you're fantastic at this."

I watch as she works her magic. Her warm hand is sliding up and down along the length of my thick 12-inch cock.

Then a look of eagerness flashes across her face. She's too eager, I'd say. Too impressed by my manhood. She doesn't give a damn about the man behind the cock. And maybe that's why in the end she can't hold my attention.

There's nothing particularly intriguing or fascinating about Tiffany. She's like every girl you come across with and then forget about. Like every girl that you see in every club, every job, every neighborhood.

She's as bland as anything I've ever seen, and once again, this thought makes me feel bored and sick of everything in life.

Her wet, slippery lips stretch to consume my cock.

She pops it out of her mouth and says, "Mmm, Chase, you taste so good."

She's sucking and licking the tip that's as wide as a goddamn coke can. I don't want to hear her voice, I want to see her tongue swirling around my shaft before she takes it deep.

She looks up at me with hazel eyes to see my reaction. She has precum all over her lips.

I take her head and force it right back down on me. I don't need to see her fucking face, I just want to see those full lips spread out over my cock.

I'm a lot for any woman to take. That's why I have them fucking lining up around the block. Combine that with the fact that I'm a fucking billionaire, 6'5, and made of pure muscle; well, it all adds up to a pretty good life.

I'm used to getting blowjobs from my secretary. We have a revolving door of beautiful women coming in and out of our office.

I've built Holt, Banks, and Shea with my two best friends, Adam and Cameron.

What started out as an idealistic notion on how to change the political landscape has turned into a fucking huge company that calls the shots in the political world. We're at the height of our game.

But the thing is, I'm a little bit bored. When you have women just falling at your feet and pretty much unlimited money in the bank, so much that you don't know what to do with and it keeps rolling in, well I guess that you could say I'm quite jaded.

For now, I focus on the moment and on the fact that Tiffany is on her knees in front of me, just begging for it.

I move her head back-and-forth to the tempo that I like. I'm clutching her hair in my hands and she likes it when I pull hard.

She's practically choking on my cock and the fact that she can hardly fucking breathe to accommodate the length of it turns me on all the more.