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Play Me (Kkinky Reads Collection #6)

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From international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster comes a fast-paced, dark, hot, instalove standalone lunchtime read from their KKinky Reads collection!
I meet many women in my line of work. Play many roles and create elaborate scenes specific to satisfying their darkest desires. Making fantasy a reality is what I do. And I do it well.
But nothing could have prepared me for her. Timid, beautiful, broken Quinn Washington. She came to me with a specific fantasy. One that needed extreme caution. Dangerous and forbidden.
Indulging in fantasies can heal you from the darkness of reality. As I stripped back her layers, I found more than either of us bargained for. She wants something only I can give. And there’s no way in hell I’ll deny her of it.
This is a steamy but dark, kinky romance! A perfect combination of dark and sexy you can devour in one sitting! You'll get a happy ending that'll make you swoon!
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The past…

Music rattles the frat house hosting tonight’s party. Laughter and off-key singing echoes through the room. Sweat and alcohol cling to the stuffy air as bodies gyrate against each other. Same shit, different night. I hate that I even agreed to come. I should be home studying for my test coming up this week.

Swirling warm beer in the cup I’ve been nursing for the last hour, I close my eyes and down the contents, almost gagging from the taste. Tonight isn’t really my scene, but I promised my roommate I’d make an effort. She’s a typical college party girl, making her way through every jock asshole on campus. I’ve never had a thing for people my own age or the party scene. My tastes are geared toward the more mature male, and my fantasies, if spoken aloud, would be frowned upon, so I keep them to myself and live in my little bubble.

Pushing through the crowd, I enter the kitchen to seek out something to snack on. My stomach is eating itself from the inside out. I haven’t eaten since the soggy, brown banana I had this morning. We seriously need groceries. I could be late-night shopping to stock our cabinets instead of sitting at this lame party.

No such luck.

I flip the lids of pizza boxes left on the counter, finding half-eaten crusts soaked in beer. My nose wrinkles in disgust. I’d rather starve.

My body jerks forward when I’m jostled from behind. My breath flees my lungs as the planes of a warm, hard body encompass mine, pushing me into the countertop and trapping me. The scent of a male invades my nostrils, making my heart race. Before I can react, the heat is replaced with cool air as the weight lifts, freeing me. Embarrassment flares inside me. For a spilt second, pleasure rippled through me at the possibility of what could be happening.

“Sorry, I thought you were someone else. I’m so sorry,” a guy gasps, holding his hands up in surrender.

I smile weakly and shrug my shoulders. “It’s fine.” I wave him off as his girlfriend or playmate appears, grabbing his wrist and dragging him away.

My desire flared, wild and free within me, at the small sliver of fantasy slipping into reality. I’ve always dreamed of being taken by a powerful sex-fiend, pinned and needed in such a passionate, desperate way. He’s rough and eager, taking me and making me his—marking me, owning me.

“Quinn, you okay? You look flushed. Are you drunk?” Amy breathes, entering the room, her mouth open, eyes wide for effect. Ever the animated drama queen.

“No way Quinny would let herself lose control and actually have fun,” Rocko the Cocko snarks.

I fucking hate that dick. He hates me too. Doesn’t like that Amy has a friend who doesn’t want to jump his bones. He thinks he’s the shit because his older brother just opened some sex club in town. It’s supposed to be under the radar, exclusive, members-only. Rocko has a big mouth.

“I have fun,” I say, crossing my arms and glaring at them both.

“Prove it.” He smirks, handing me half a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I don’t need to prove anything to this jerk.

“You promised you’d be fun Quinn, not mom Quinn,” Amy comments, batting her lashes at me.

Mom Quinn is responsible Quinn, who has to be that way because there’s only one version of Amy. Fun Amy. No in between. Rolling my eyes, I snatch the bottle and gulp down three big swigs to their lame cheering. Swiping my lips, I cringe a little from the burn down my throat and tingle on my tongue. When Amy snatches the bottle and drinks, I try to grab it back.

“You’re designated driver for once,” I growl through gritted teeth. She promised.

“She’s already done shots and played beer pong,” Rocko snorts. “Find me when you’re ready to leave, and I’ll walk you both.”

“Oh, our hero.” I gag. “We can make it a few blocks.”

“Suit yourself. Don’t bitch me out if you’re mugged.”

“What? Are they going to rob her of the whole three bucks she has to her name?” Amy cackles. Bitch. I have two hundred and three dollars actually. Enough to get some groceries I won’t be sharing with her drunk ass.

“Hopefully they take her attitude and her three bucks,” Rocko jokes.

“Eat shit,” I deadpan, holding up my middle finger.

“I’ve got better things to be eating.” He grins, grabbing Amy and nuzzling her neck.

Gross. When did they start this shit up again?

“Amy, you ready to go?” I pout.

“Just give me thirty more minutes.” She giggles as Rocko scoops her up, tossing her over his shoulder and slapping her ass.

“Make that an hour.” He winks.

“That’s ambitious. You going to watch a movie after?” I bite out. But he’s already leaving, offering me the finger over his shoulder.

Ugh. The buzz from the Jack mixed with the warm beer swirls in my gut. I think I’m going to throw up. I should have eaten before I came out. Pushing through the people gathered in the hall, I make it out the front door and swallow at the air, easing the queasy feeling.