Playing With Her (Billionaire Playboys #3) Read Online Tory Baker

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I always get what I want and what I want is Amelie.
One month after leaving, my only thoughts were of the woman I left to protect. Thoughts of her consumed me night and day, pushing me to work harder and faster in order to have her back in my arms. The need to protect her from my own blood, a father who would ruin me and anyone that means anything to me in order to further his political career.
Now I’m back, ready to lock down the woman I love and it seems we both have news to share with one another, hers more important than mine.

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One Month Earlier

Christ, leaving the woman beneath me in the morning is going to be fucking hard. But my brothers at Four Brothers summoned me back as an emergency, and I have no choice but to go. Pushing it off by even a day is stretching it. Parker, Ezra, and Theo may not be family by blood; they’re still more than I’ve ever had before. What none of them know is I’ve fallen fast and hard. Being with Amelie is as easy as breathing.

“Fuck, I need more. Need to get deeper. Closer,” I groan. Amelie’s head is tipped back, her eyes are closed, and piles of her auburn hair are spread out on the mattress. The view she’s giving me… Son of a bitch. Spectacular is the only way to put it—soft fair skin flush from the impending orgasm slowly trying to consume both of us. That high she was so close to achieving ebbs as I move her legs from being wrapped around my lower back. Now, one is on top of my shoulder, giving me the room I need, wanting to bottom out inside the woman who is making me feel things I’ve never felt before.

“Damn it, Boston. I was almost there.” There’s fire in her tone, rich, intense, and her green eyes with flecks of gold surrounding them pop open. She’s pissed at me, and for good reason. She’ll get hers soon, only this time, it’ll be more intense for the both of us.

“I don’t think you’re too put out, are you?” I dip my body lower, my tongue sliding around her nipple, and feel the dig of her fingertips pressing into my scalp, pulling me closer. The grumble of annoyance she lets out has me suppressing a smile. Amelie wants what she wants, when she wants it. This being our last night for who knows how long, I’m going to make it last.

“Please, don’t tease me.” She uses her foot, planting it on the mattress, lifting her hips up to match each one of my thrusts. Each time I pull out, the ripple of her cunt has my own body locking up, all that velvet heat wrapped around my dick. I’m giving in to what she wants not because I’m a pushover. Oh no. I want the same thing she does. Amelie loves nothing more than to have my lips wrapped around her nipples, pulling the distended tip into my mouth. I swear she can come from my mouth alone and not with me between her spread legs. Nipple play alone does it for her. The way she arches her back, offering me more of her body, it’s only fair that I reward us both. I suck deeply, tongue pushing her nipple to the roof to my mouth, while keeping up a steady rhythm of my hips rocking in and out of her, not as hard before, albeit deeper, hitting her cervix. I wish like hell I’d had the forethought to do away with condoms. Though, it would have me coming before her, so maybe it’s a good thing after all.

“You like that, beautiful? Fuck, yeah, you do. You’re taking my cock perfectly, Amelie. Christ, you’re going to make me come before I’m ready.” I pull away from her nipple, hand wrapping around the back of her neck, holding her, eyes locked on one another even though I won’t have them for long. Amelie can’t keep her eyes open while coming. We’ve tried. Fuck, have we ever. It doesn’t matter that I’ll stop mid-orgasm in order for her to open her eyes, desperately wanting her to see the rawness before she takes me with her.

“Boston!” I swivel my hips on one powerful thrust inside her. My pubic bone hits her clit. There’s no way I’m going to take my hand away from the back of her neck, or from holding her leg hostage over my shoulder. My fingertips tighten against her creamy thigh, leaving a whole different impression besides wearing both of us out after this third and final round tonight.

“Come on my cock, beautiful. Squeeze the cum out of me. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” She nods rapidly, her wetness gliding a path. Fuck, I love how she gets off, with my fingers, my mouth, or my cock. It’s a damn vision, a work of art, and it’s all mine.

“Oh God, yes, yes, yes!” The tight clamp her pussy has on my cock triggers my own orgasm. I thrust my hips through hers while I reach my own, hands tingling, swallowing down the groan, and keep my eyes locked on Amelie’s pretty face, her eyes slammed shut, lips pursed, high cheekbones colored with lust. I didn’t move my gaze from where it’s locked the entire time. There’s no way I’m going to be able to move after this. Amelie’s body has to be as tired as my own. It’s been a marathon of sex. I told her the news yesterday, of my impending trip back home, and was unable to give her an answer of when I’d be coming back, only that I’d be here as soon as I could. A few words were threatening to come out, but it wouldn’t be fair, not to her or to myself. She may not know it yet, and I’ll tell her the truth one day, but I’m protecting her, leaving to put out a fire. If not for the screwup I call a father, she’d be boarding my private jet right along with me.