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Royal (Fever Falls #4)

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Devon McCormack

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Sightseeing, gay bars...and if I'm lucky, maybe a couple of random hookups. That's the extent of my plans when I sign up for a European vacay with my buddies. I've never heard of this Parlaisa country--but hey--a cheap flight and two-star hotel are perfect for a poor college kid, right? And the trip turns out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined when I end up in a bar with some sexy masked guy's tongue down my throat.
And damn...what a tongue. Even with his face partially obscured, Sexy Masked Guy can't hide those hypnotic steel blue eyes, his chiseled jawline, or the gun show he's working with under that tight T-shirt. But after our kiss, he proves to be nothing more than a cocky, dismissive a-hole. As if that isn't bad enough, flash forward--after one hell of a misunderstanding, I'm arrested by the Parlaisan royal guard and taken to a dungeon, where I learn that Sexy Masked Guy is actually Sexy Prince.
Prince Owen Hawthorne III.
Yes, I was kissing the Prince of Parlaisa! Even worse, pics of us kissing are posted on the notorious Prince Watch blog. Prince Owen III has been unmasked by the paps, and we've both been outed. And here I had been planning to finally tell my family about my inclinations towards rainbows, glitter, and c*ck as soon as I got back home to Fever Falls.
Seems like my vacation can't get any wackier, but now Prince Owen needs a favor--a fake relationship favor. All I have to do is pretend to be his boyfriend for a good cause and some cash that I could really use right about now. But do I really want to team up with a guy who's been nothing but a prick to me in the short time that I've known him?
Of course, before I know it, I'm in too deep. Fortunately, Owen's strict 'no messing around' rule will keep this from getting out of control. Even though I can't stop thinking about how he knew exactly what he was doing with his tongue. Even though he loves watching me prance around in my underwear.
Even though he can't get enough of me on my knees, doing what I do best. Dammit--did we already screw this up?
Talk about a #RoyalProblem. #ROYAL is part of the Fever Falls series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.
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Fever Falls Series by Riley Hart

Fever Falls Series by Devon McCormack

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Frederick’s knees pressed into the mattress as he slid his cock inside her mouth, bright-red lips taking him in so effortlessly, with such eagerness. With her legs spread out, she lay before me, and as Frederick fed her his dick, I leaned down and offered a kiss between her breasts before kissing down her belly, to her pussy, running my tongue around and stimulating her clit with my thumb.

The way she moaned and arched her back gave me all the assurance I needed as I continued my work, my cock getting painfully hard.

“God, you taste good,” I muttered against her flesh.

Maggie—or was it Carol—or Angela?

I was usually better at names, but we’d barely chatted on the dance floor before she’d grabbed Frederick and started making out with him. I was suspecting she might have just gone for him, but then she turned and started kissing me too, which told me everything I needed to know.

After I spent some time going down on her, Frederick and I rolled on condoms, trying out various activities with her before giving her what she had already requested, practically demanded, before agreeing to come back with us.

Frederick lay across the mattress, our beautiful guest straddling his waist as he pushed into her pussy while I took the back.

I slid my hand down her side. “That feel okay?” I asked, taking my time, giving her a chance to adjust to me.

We’d both been inside her already, but this was the first time either of us had been in her ass.

“That’s nice. You’re very hard,” she noted, chuckling. “Both of you are. Lucky me.”

She kissed Frederick before turning back and offering me a kiss.

I steadily navigated my cock inside her, and once we’d managed to work into our stride, she reached behind her, grabbing the back of my head. She drew me down, encouraging my face toward Frederick’s, which made me pull away quickly.

“Oh, did I misread this?” She glanced back to me and then to Frederick. “You guys don’t kiss?”

“Not each other,” Frederick said.

“Yes, I’m actually working really hard to not even hit his legs too much,” I added.

“But I certainly feel those balls on mine,” Frederick teased.

“Shut your dirty mouth.”

She laughed. “Okay, boys. No need for a no-homo moment. That’s fine. I should have asked first. I guess I just assumed.”

“It’s fine,” I said. “Certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been asked.”

“I imagine not,” she said before turning to kiss me again.

As we relaxed, I pushed in, my hand sliding around her side, to her taut belly.

She relaxed right onto us as we eased into her, aiming to satisfy her desire. She was the reason we were all shacking up in this hotel room, enjoying the experience with Shelly…right? Jenny? Hell, those didn’t even start with the same letter. But I’d narrowed it down to a -lly or -nny, so that was something.

Lengthy strands of dark, nearly black hair fell down her back, shaking with her movements as we all worked in unison, each of us toward our own finale.

I fondled her right breast while Frederick kissed up and down her neck as we fucked.

Her ass was so tight, and judging by the way Frederick was moaning, it was evident he was enjoying that pussy as much as we both had a few times already.

As our moans grew together, she called out, “Yes, right there, Frederick. Breed me!”

“Wait, what?” Frederick asked, pulling away and looking down at his crotch. “Did the condom break?”

“No. It’s just role-play. I like the idea of being filled with cum. Just go with it.”

I stifled my laugh. Not at all toward her erotic fantasy, but more for the concerned expression Frederick had on his face as he’d clearly considered the possibility of having been unprotected inside her. Despite the distraction, he was able to get back into the moment just fine, even as she continued: “I want you to fill me up. I want it deep in me.”

Why was that turning me on so much?

The idea of being inside her, bare, filling her up, was so fucking hot.

Our movements picked up together, and her body became a fit of spasms. “I’m coming. I— I—!”

Her movements and shifts were intense before she leaned down and kissed Frederick, calling out. She was hot already, but when she came, she sounded like some sort of mythical goddess.

“I think I’m gonna shoot,” I warned.

“Do it just like this,” she insisted, practically demanded as she leaned back farther, resting her hand on the back of my head as she offered a firm kiss.

And it was too much for me.

I shot up inside the condom.

“Oh yeah, give me that load,” she begged.

“Fuck, I’m about to,” Frederick called out, and she turned back to him and granted him his own kiss. He nibbled on her bottom lip as his own roar escaped, his body going through the familiar motions it had when we’d done something like this before.