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“Little girl, I’m only going to ask one more time…” Things have not been going Ivy Jenkins' way recently–well, until Steele Mattson rescues her. Being thrown away like garbage does a job on a woman’s self-confidence and bravery. Add in scrambled memories from a head injury and Ivy knows she qualifies as a hot mess, even if she is the bank branch manager. Steele’s father established the Shadowridge Guardians MC. He’s as dedicated to protecting the good citizens of his city as he is to creating the perfect weld on an old-school chopper, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to take care of problems. When he finds the petite woman in a very bad situation, he dives in to help. What he doesn’t expect is to discover the rescued treasure is his. He’ll stop at nothing to hunt down those who endangered her and make them pay. Combining the sizzling talents of bestselling authors Pepper North, Kate Oliver, and Becca Jameson, the Shadowridge Guardians are guaranteed to give you a thrill and leave you dreaming of your own throbbing motorcycle joyride. Are you daring enough to ride with a club of rough, growly, commanding men? The protective Daddies of the Shadowridge Guardians Motorcycle Club will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and protection of everything that belongs to their Littles, their club, and their town. Throw in some sassy, naughty, mischievous women who won't hesitate to serve their fair share of attitude even in the face of looming danger, and this brand new MC Romance series is ready to ignite!

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Cursing her desire to finish the last details on her clandestine report, Ivy carefully stowed the printed page in the desk and grabbed her purse and coat to leave. She was still trying to prove to the bank president that he hadn’t made a mistake in hiring a twenty-eight-year-old as the bank manager. The interior of the building was eerily quiet with only a few lights on inside as she walked to the back door. Cautiously, she looked out the security peephole before dashing outside and pushing the door closed behind her.

They were on her before she stepped forward. Two, maybe three men slammed her against the bricks before grabbing her arms behind her back. A scream burst from her lips and echoed against the surrounding buildings. One powerful hand held her head restrained from looking at them with a painful yank on her ponytail.

Tears burst into her eyes, and Ivy tried to blink them away. “You’re on security cam. I don’t know what you mean to do, but facial recognition will have you identified in a flash. Let me go and I won’t say a thing.”

“Right…” One deep voice drew out that word sarcastically.

Damn, that didn’t work. Would her scream bring anyone? She could hear faint wisps of music from The Hangout, about three blocks away.

“You’re going to tell us the bank codes to get in and then you’ll walk us inside to collect access to a few accounts for us,” another voice informed her with clipped military precision.

“The bank is on a time lock. Once the last person leaves, it won’t open until tomorrow morning when the bank opens,” she told them quickly, making up an excuse to keep them from forcing her back into bank.

“And I’m sure, Ms. Bank Manager, you have the skills to override that.”

“I don’t. I’m just the manager. I do the paperwork. The bank president can do that, but not me,” she rushed to correct them.

“Tell us the door code and we’ll just wander around inside to see what we find,” the first voice instructed.

“I can’t do that. I’ll lose my job,” she protested. The yank to her hair informed her they didn’t care. “Besides, I just changed the code. I don’t remember it.”

Another vicious jerk on her ponytail brought more tears to her eyes. “I think it’s time to teach this bitch a lesson. We have just become your worst nightmare. You’re going to work for us, Ms. Bank Manager, from now on. That is, if you survive this lesson of what we’re capable of.”

Strong hands jerked her wrists harder behind her and tied them tightly with a rope. She bit her lip as the rough fibers bit into her skin. A ripping sound came from behind her, and a large hand reached in front of her to slap a piece of duct tape over her mouth. Her heart felt like it would beat out of her chest.

She panicked as rough fabric draped over her face. Thrashing her body from side to side, Ivy felt her hair tearing from her scalp. Scared beyond thought, she wet herself.

“Get her legs tied.”

They lifted Ivy effortlessly, flipping her horizontally and lowering her to the cement. She landed with a thud, and the air flooded out of her nostrils when they dropped her several inches. While she recovered her breath, they stripped her shoes off and bound her feet close to her hands.

“Pissed all over herself,” one guy said, sounding divided between pride and disdain as he finished pulling the bag around her body.

When it pulled together below her knees, Ivy knew they’d knotted the burlap around her. She prayed as they lifted her and dropped her into the back of a vehicle with a thud. The door slamming down felt like her coffin closing.

Pushing back his chair, Steele rose to his feet. “I’m headed back to the compound. Anyone else ready to leave?”

Just as he thought, his MC brothers refused his invitation to ride back together. They were having way too much fun at The Hangout, Shadowridge’s local roadhouse. The establishment was always good for a round of drinks when they showed up. Having the motorcycle club roll up added an edgy feel to the place that made everyone thirsty.

And the twenty-somethings? They loved flirting with the guys they considered the ultimate bad boys in town.

Steele shook his head at the girls already ensconced on a few laps. No wonder no one was ready to go.

“Hey. You’re not leaving, are you?” a cute blonde asked, daringly tracing the black tattoo on his forearm.


“You… You could stay for a while. Maybe dance with me?” She stuttered at first but gained confidence as she spoke.

“Not this time.”

Turning, he heard Talon call, “I’m a much better dancer, baby,” to tempt the blonde to change her target.

Without changing his trajectory, Steele flipped the smartass off and exited with the laughter of his motorcycle brethren following him out. He headed around the side of the building to where they had reserved parking. The raucous music from The Hangout wasn’t quite as loud back here.