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Taken (What A Girl Wants #1)

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When ex marine Jeremy Ashton is asked to look after his friend's eighteen year old daughter for the summer he has no idea what he's supposed to do with the out of control young tease. At thirty five he's a childless bachelor who doesn't know the first thing about kids; but when the young girl starts testing out her wiles on him he's about to show her just what happens when she teases a real man.
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What A Girl Wants Series by Jordan Silver

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Chapter 1

If she doesn’t stop her shit I’m gonna fuck her, hard; that’s all there is to it there’s only so much a man can take after all. I know she knows what she’s doing too the little cock tease, lying there with her legs bent as she pretends to watch television while giving me crotch shots of her almost naked pussy. My cock was hard as fuck and looking around for a pussy to plow and if the hot little number who was even now tormenting me didn’t watch out she was going to end up nailed to the fucking hardwood floor with eleven inches of man meat shoved inside her almost certainly virgin twat.

I watched her as she swung her legs up and down and side to side, every once in a while she’d peek up at me to see if she had my attention but each time my focus would be on the screen.

“Nikki what are you doing?”

“Hmm?” She turned innocent eyes to me from her place on the floor where she was reading a book while I watched the game, she was alternating between watching and reading as her legs waved up and down, giving me flashes of her naked shaved bald pussy. At eighteen I’m pretty sure she knew just what the hell she was doing, I just wasn’t sure if she understood the consequences, I’m a man not a boy and if I took her up on her offer she’d run screaming for bloody murder I’m also pretty sure my good pal and his wife would not appreciate me drilling their barley legal daughter while she was in my care.

“Don’t hmm me young lady what are you doing?”

She blushed and looked away which told me she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Nothing.” Her voice was small and soft but I wasn’t buying it for a minute I knew all about her wild ways; her parents had been regaling me with their tales of woe for the past year. It seems the little beauty that I’d known since she was a babe in swaddling had come into her own in the last year or so and had gone buck wild. Her parents had sent her here to me in a last ditch effort to try to rein her ass in. My position as a major in the marines had given me the rep among my peers as a hard ass, it was true I didn’t fuck around but I knew fuck all about curbing little girls’ sexual appetites, I was just as likely to fuck the shit out of her as anything else but they didn’t seem to get it because they’d dropped her off here this morning and taken off for parts unknown with her younger siblings, proclaiming to need some peace and quiet. Now here she was trying her shit on me.

“If you keep flashing your pussy at me I hope you’re ready for what you get.” Her mouth fell open and she gaped at me.

“What? No one ever called you on your shit before? Well I’m not one of those high school boys you’re used to torturing, if you keep that shit up I will fuck you.”

Good hopefully I’d put the fear of hell in her little horny ass and she would calm the fuck down. I’m not her father I don’t have to tiptoe around this shit and I don’t need to bite my tongue.

I got up out of my recliner game forgotten as the woody she’d given me throbbed in my gym shorts. Heading out back where I had an obstacle course set up I went to work on my pull-ups first. I was a cut one eighty five, six three with dark blonde hair cut short and navy colored eyes that looked almost black in certain lights.

Women were always throwing pussy my way so I guess that means I was somewhat appealing and I certainly wasn’t hurting for female companionship, but the truth of the matter was that little girl I’d just left on my family room floor was hot as fuck; she was a gorgeous red headed minx with a rack to rival any porn star’s and an ass that looked ripe for fucking.

Fuck, my cock wasn’t going down anytime soon unless I could get my mind off of pussy, her pussy to be exact.

I heard the back door slam shut fifteen minutes later from where I was and lifted my head to see her sashay into the back yard headed for the pool. The fuck is she up to now?

I almost swallowed my tongue when she dropped the see through robe thing she was wearing to reveal the two pieces of…fuck if I knew what to call it; there was a string up the crack of her ass and two pieces of lace over her nipples, her pussy lips actually plumped out around the material between her legs in front. There’s no way her mom had bought her that, I’d heard about the clothes thing too, apparently she was into returning the stuff her mom bought her and exchanging it for slut wear which she hid at her friend’s house. There were wild parties and drinking, at least that’s all her parents knew about so far; poor things, Stan and Pamela were scared shitless their little darling was gonna end up in a bad way. She was about to end up on the end of my cock if she kept this shit up.

I watched from under hooded lids as she made a big production of spreading the towel she carried on the chair before sitting with legs spread, she was slick but not slick enough as I caught the sly look she sent my way.

Oho, so you want to play do you little girl? Okay fine let’s see who wins this game of cat and mouse.

I understood better than she what was going on here, her little pussy was hot and she needed cock but she was going about it all wrong, that little town they lived in was no place for a young girl with such a high libido to spread her wings and test out her newfound cravings. It was a sure fired way to gain a poor reputation especially if you kept searching for the right fit, the right cock to make you settle the fuck down. That’s all that was going on here, but parents didn’t necessarily think along those lines, they wanted her to stay their precious little angel forever. As an outsider looking in I saw the hot little bitch on the prowl for a good bone deep fucking. So far she was only suspected of being a terrible tease, but that could be wishful thinking on her parents’ part for all I know the little tart could’ve fucked her way through the local high school back home.