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Taking Her Down (Savage Brothers Second Generation #1)

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Jordan Marie

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She was a fire in his blood and he was going to have her. No matter the cost.
The Savage Brothers MC is one of the most ruthless clubs around. Dragon, the club president, is not a man you want on your bad side.
Dylan “Chains” Allen wanted Kayden West more than he ever wanted anything in his life. In his world, when you wanted something you took it.
So, he did.
He knows there will be hell to pay. You don't mess with Dragon's daughter and survive. But, some things are worth the price you have to pay.
If taking Kayden is what is finally going to drag him down to hell, then he’ll just make sure he enjoys the ride.
Welcome back to the world of the Savage Brothers MC. We might be talking the second generation, but that doesn't mean our boys are put out to pasture. They're still bad, they're still hot and they're still going to get your motor revving. It's just that the second generation might be even dirtier, grab a fan and a cold bottle of water. It's going to be a hot summer.
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Savage Brothers Second Generation Series by Jordan Marie

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“Girl, your brother is fine.”

I roll my eyes at Keanna. I love her, she’s my girl, but she’s a nut. It’s also a little creepy that she’s mackin’ on my big brother. All the girls do. They look at Dom and by the way they fall down on their knees around him, you’d think he’s the second coming.

I don’t see it. Then again, if they lived with my brothers, they probably wouldn’t either. Dom and Thomas are both pigs. I love them, but more times than not I want to kill them. There’s just four years between Thomas and I and five with Dom, but that doesn’t matter. I’m forever trapped as their little sister. They don’t care that I’m eighteen and moving out on my own. They’re worse than my father.

Okay, that’s not exactly true either. My dad nearly had a stroke when I told him I was moving out into my own apartment. Mom did her best to calm him down, but even she had problems containing him with this. There’s a reason people call my father Dragon. He reacts fiercely—especially when it’s about someone he cares about. And, oh yeah, he can definitely breathe fire so hot that it burns everything and everyone around him.

Usually I don’t complain. My old man has been the best dad a girl could have. I never once doubted he loved me. He stays hella busy and despite the fact that he doesn’t look like the soccer dad, or the dad of a cheerleader, I can’t name one game that I played in, or cheered at that my old man—and half the club and a couple other clubs—hadn’t been at.

I’m treated like a princess. That’s what most of them call me. Of course, I’m a biker princess and that changes everything. You see, my father is Detroit Dragon West, president and founder of the Savage Brothers Motorcycle Club. If you haven’t heard of the Savage Brothers, you’ve probably been living under a rock. They carry more weight around these parts than law enforcement. Hell, half of the police are on my father’s payroll—not that I’m supposed to know that kind of thing.

The club is all about the men. Women usually only have two roles. You’re either a Twinkie or an old lady. That’s it and that’s not the lifestyle I want. Don’t get me wrong, my mom has lived this life and she rocks at being an old lady. She’s right too. Men might want to think they have all the power, but my dad would give her anything she asks for and if she’s really against something, she usually manages to get her way.

My brothers are all about the club. Dominic and Thomas are both prospects for the club now. Dad’s not cutting them any slack. They won’t ride his coattails at all. They have to prove themselves to the other members. I thought that was harsh and Mom didn’t necessarily agree either, but Dom—strangely enough—wanted it that way. I’m not sure what Thomas wanted. He and Dom are so tight that I think he’d follow Dom to the ends of the earth without questioning him at all.

I, on the other hand, want to live on my own. I want a nice normal guy who’s not jumping on his bike at three in the morning to do my father’s bidding. I want a guy that won’t have to go through hell just to be mine—and trust me if I ever picked a guy in the club he’d have to go through some crazy shit. He still might, even if he’s not in the club. That’s the curse of being a biker princess. It has perks, but the drawbacks are plenty.

“Oh, my fuck. He’s taking his shirt off. Take it off baby and Keanna will come over there and lick every delicious inch of that milk chocolate body.”

“Keanna! Knock it off, you ho!” I growl, shoving her so hard she loses her balance and her hip slides against her car.

“What? That man is fine!”

“It’s my brother you’re talking about. That’s just grossy-gross.”

“Let me just say if that was the view in my house every morning, moving out would be the last fucking thing I’d want to do.”

“Again, he’s my brother and you’re weird. Put this in your trunk and I’ll run back in and get the last box.”

“I got it, Sis,” Thomas says and I turn around smiling at him.

I love Thomas so much—I love both of my brothers. They’re as different as night and day. Dom is silent, more self-assured and definitely more controlling. Thomas is laid back, sweet and funny and even a little bit shy. Thomas has a stutter that he’s worked hard to overcome. It’s still noticeable when he’s upset or the center of attention. I think he gets embarrassed by it, but he’d never admit to that. No one would dare comment on it either—especially if Dom is around.