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The Devil Behind Me (The Devil Trilogy #1)

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*******This book is the first in the series and includes a cliffhanger ending******
"My name is Addie Sakis, I had a promising future once. I had my whole life planned out, but after that tragic day, everything changed. The world I coveted no longer existed. Ten years went by until one day when Daimon Evans, the boy who bullied me continuously in high school, reemerged back into my life, offering me all that I wanted in exchange for one"
Addie Sakis had a sad past, a past that overshadowed her future. She clung to it not knowing how to let it go. That was until Daimon Evans came back into her life challenging her and pushing her back to the fighter he knew still existed inside her. If only she knew that Daimon wasn't the devil she thought, but rather it was her demons that ruled her, the demons that lay inside her soul.
How far will Addie go to help her family? Which line won't she cross as she deals with the devil she calls Daimon?
Note from the Author: This is a dysfunctional love and hate trilogy that involves emotional blackmail and a few other situations that the one wouldn't do to the person they liked or loved. Addie and Daimon do what they do under the guise of a love that hurts so good. Happy Reading.
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The Devil Trilogy Series by Evangelene

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I was glad high school was finally over. Once I finished with my graduation ceremony, I was gone forever from this hellish place. Elision Elite High School was in the middle of Manhattan where all the rich kids went. But this place wasn’t a place for me. I was a charity case. I was some poor kid who some rich guy paid to get in. I had won the Elision Elite scholarship when I was in elementary. I was so excited back then, thinking I finally was able to go to a school that challenged me. I was in the top of all my classes in elementary school. I surpassed every test given to me. Not that I was a genius, but I applied myself. My parents were immigrants, who moved here so we could have a better life. I knew how hard they had worked, so I had to work twice as hard to make their future lives better.

That was back then, when my naïve self was stupid enough to think brains mattered in this world. I realized quickly once I started high school, all that mattered were the rich and the opportunities they had for each other. Not one person there had a real friend at that school; everyone simply used each other to further their careers or family businesses.

Sure, I was at the top of my class, but it didn’t earn me any respect. I was bullied constantly, especially by one specific person.

Daimon Evans. His special attention only added to the amount of times I was picked on or tortured by the others. He never knew the extent of what had happened to me. My textbooks being stolen. My gym clothes being torn. Spoiled milk poured all over my locker. You name it and I went through it. Daimon threatened that no one was to touch me, that I was his special ‘project’ and no one else's. Those who feared him did it all behind his back to get to him. It bothered them more when I never told him what was happening, causing them to escalate their attempts. I did the best I could. I either ignored it or endured it. I did whatever it took to survive through high school. Every day I was subjected to sitting with him at his lunch table while he would mock my family and me. Saying poor charity cases like me shouldn't be here, but since I was, I should be taught the laws of the jungle. If we shared classes, I'd have to sit next to him; well, more like he'd force whomever to move so that he could sit. The teachers rarely got involved; money meant wealth, wealth meant power and the teachers weren’t about to poke the sleeping lions.

The funny thing was that when I first entered high school, I had always admired at Daimon, his long dark hair flowed wildly he never once wore his uniform properly. He looked dangerous and broken, with his light complexion, dark hair and stunning crystal blue eyes. I had fallen for him then and there. I kept my distance, loving him from afar, never wanting him to know. I had a serious schoolgirl crush. He never knew about me and rarely even looked my way as he hung out with his friends, acting out and laughing loudly no matter where they were.

That was until one day in our second to last year in high school. Daimon walked into class and headed straight for me, glaring at the girl who sat next to me, forcing her to move. He then sat down and stared at me the entire class period. Quiet murmurs could be heard the whole way through. His direct way of looking at me made me nervous. When class ended, I nervously put my things together and stood up to leave; that's when he tripped me. I fell hard on the ground, dropping my books. He stood and towering over me.

“From today on, you’re my little plaything. My toy.” He smirked and left me stupefied on the ground.

Daimon was known as ‘the bully’ in school. From then onwards my life became a living nightmare. Day in and day out, I was at Daimon’s beck and call. He'd humiliate me in front of everyone and would laugh about it, until finally it was the last day of school and all of this would end.


“Hey Addie.” I knew it was Daimon, only he would consistently bother me especially when I avoided him the most. The ass was following me through the hallway. I moved through the crowd, trying hard to get away from him.

“ADDIE…ADDIE…ADDIE!” He kept yelling out my name through the hallway. Man, the guy was a jerk. I stopped running, knowing it wouldn’t get me anywhere. If anything, it would only make it worse.