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The Devils Sister (The Devils Soldiers mc series)

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Ella’s life has been one secret after another, her life with an abusive husband has come to an end and Ella now looks forward to moving to Coral City to live with her Brother Brayden. But one phone call has her life coming to a complete stop, she’s prayed for years for an out and the moment life finally gives it to her it snatches the most precious thing from her changing her life in so many ways…

Blaze has been the club enforcer for years and has never backed down from anything, the club is in complete turmoil at the moment. But when the most beautiful creature steps into the clubhouse his life changes, the instant attraction he feels to Ella has him stopping in his tracks. Patience has never been one of Blaze’s virtue’s but with Ella he might try and see where things go, if the Brother’s don’t kick his ass first.
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The Devils Soldiers MC Series by Cilla Lee

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I look up at the man I’ve called my husband for the past four years as he stands over my screaming at me, I hide my face from the blow that I know is going to come and beg over and over trying to calm him down. But I know nothing will, not until he sobers up or passes out.

My life has been like this for the past two years, it started out with one slap that shocked him. He begged me for over a month with apologies gifts and doing everything for me, I know it sounds dumb, but it was kind of romantic like it was for us when we first started dating.

But it was a punch the next time he hit me, then a slap than a punch, slap and kick from there it just got worse, and I’d had enough and left. My friends would take me in, but once Joe started tormenting and disrupting their lives, most of them just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of Joe. So, I was alone and not wanting to get my brother involved, there was no way I would risk Brayden’s life because of Joe, no way in hell, so I kept my abuse a secret.

After I finally got away and was granted a divorce, my life seemed to get back on track, I opened my own Florist shop, and things were great, life was great. But Joe just couldn’t let go, he hounded me day and night calling at all hours, getting a restraining order just made it worse. He started to interfere with my business, and finally, he destroyed that by burning it to the ground, hoping that if I had nothing, I’d be forced to go back to him, but there was no chance. I’d never put myself in that position ever again. I watched as my dream went up in flames, it really wasn’t until the roof of my business fell in that it really hit me. When I received my insurance check I broke down calling Brayden, he was my last hope of a normal life, and I was taking it.


Chapter One


My phone rang as I was packing the last box, my heart started racing until I saw it was a California number making me smile “Hey big brother, I officially just packed the last box.”

“Um, is this Ella, Chance’s sister,” an unknown voice says over the line, and I frown at the phone looking at the screen then placing it back to my ear

“Who is this?”

“This Ella or not,” the guy says, sounding annoyed (rude much)

“Yes, this is Ella, who is this?” I ask again

“Ella, my names Nash, I’m one of Chance’s Brothers.”

“Ok has something happened to Brayden,” I ask, and he takes a deep breath

“Look, there’s no easy way to say this, but Chance was killed yesterday in a car accident” my heart stops as I drop the phone and fall to the floor. “ELLA” is yelled through my phone and I pick it up “ELLA!” is yelled again

“I’m here,” I say through the phone, my heart breaking

“Look, I’m sorry, I just thought you should know” I look around at all of the boxes feeling numb

“When is the funeral?”

“Next week.”

“I’ll be there,” I tell him

“We’ll see you then.” The phone goes quiet, and I sit there in complete silence, my phone rings again, and I look at the screen (Joe). I stand up and throw my phone at the wall screaming so loud collapsing on the ground and punching the floor over and over until I drop to the ground. I lay there staring up at the ceiling “Brayden” I cry for so long that I fall asleep where I lay feeling cold numb and now utterly alone.


I arrive at the address that Nash had sent me, I’d put all of my things in storage, haven already given up my apartment. I was moving here to live with Brayden, so I was basically homeless plus this was a chance for Brayden and I to get to know each other again. We only ever saw each other a few times a year, and we talked all the time. But over the twelve years, he’d lived here this was the first time I’d ever been here. I pull up to the gates, and a guy stops me “Hey darlin’ this is private property no parties for a while” he tells me

“I’m Ella, Brayden was my brother,” I tell him, and he stares at me looking confused

“Who?” he asks me

“Chance,” I say, and he frowns

“Damn, I’m sorry park down the back.” I drive past a large group of motorbikes and quite a few people pulling in next to a big black truck and step out. The sun beaming down and I think that on days like this it’s a crime for the sun to be shining. A woman walks up to me smiling, and I look at her outfit and think of every biker movie or TV show I’ve ever seen, I look down at my dress and instantly cringe (why am I so fat goddammit)?