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The Five Brothers Next Door

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Nikki Chase

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The Hunter brothers are back in town, and all five of them have got their eyes on one lucky girl.
I’ve always had a crush on the boys next door. I used to peek from my bedroom window when they were playing in their backyard. I didn’t even care that they never looked my way.
Now that we’re all grown up and they’re home for a visit, something’s different. The way they stare at me sends a thrill down my spine. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re checking me out and they like what they see.
But that’s insane, right? There’s no way the five gorgeous brothers are into me.
I try to forget about them, but we keep running into one another in this small town. One night, the Hunter brothers even save me from my harassing ex.
I’m in trouble. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the wicked glint in their eyes, or the way they linger when we touch . . .
When they whisper in my ears, telling me all the naughty things they want to do to me, I can’t deny it any longer. I want them, too. All five of them.
It’s wrong. Oh, so wrong.
But five alpha, protective, hot-as-sin men? What chance do I have of resisting the Hunter brothers?
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I nuzzle my face into Liam’s chest and mewl happily. He’s so warm and it feels cold outside the covers. I don’t want to leave the bed.

I feel Ollie stir behind me. “Hi, Ava,” he says in a hoarse, sleepy voice.

“Morning, Ollie.”

Ollie scoots closer to wrap his arm around me, spooning me. He moves my hair aside and comes closer, putting his lips right up against the back of my neck. “Morning, Ava.”

I gasp as a jolt of pleasure shoots from my sensitive neck, all the way down to my core.

I have two men in my bed. Two strong, gorgeous, sexy, men who are obviously into me, too.

This early in the morning, my brain seems to still be asleep. But my nerve endings aren’t. I can feel every little breath of Ollie’s that falls on my skin, and it kindles a hungry flame inside me.

“Do you like that, Ava?” Liam asks as he stares intently at me, his hungry eyes studying me.

“Yeah.” I bite down on my bottom lip to muffle a moan that’s threatening to escape.

“I can make it feel even better.” Liam smirks as he puts his hand on my hip, under the covers.

Liam keeps his gaze on my face, waiting for any sign of my disapproval. Seeing none, he drags his hand up my abdomen, slipping under my shirt. His fingers find my nipple already hard and erect. The smirk on his face grows wider.

Liam kneads my breasts as Ollie’s hand on my stomach pulls me back until I feel his hard morning wood poking against my butt cheeks.

It doesn’t take long until I can’t stifle my voice anymore. My lips part, letting my sighs and moans out.

“Lift up your hands, Ava,” Ollie says as he pulls my shirt up from the back.

I don’t sleep with a bra on, so as soon as the shirt comes off I’m naked from the waist up and lying on my side—not exactly a flattering angle for my breasts. Gravity does strange things to them when I’m in this position.

Still, Liam doesn’t seem to mind. He shoots me a hungry smile as he kisses my throat and moves down to the valley between my breasts.

As Liam latches onto my nipple, Ollie’s hand wanders south and slips under the waistband of the sweatpants I wear to bed.

I gasp when his fingers find my lower lips. Instinctively, I arch my back, which only pushes my ass back against his hard package behind me.

“You’re wet,” Ollie whispers from behind me. “You like being with two guys at the same time, Ava?”

I want to shake my head, but Ollie would know I’m lying. My panties are drenched.

“Yeah.” My voice comes out in a sigh that’s heavily laced with arousal.

Suddenly, we hear three knocks on the door and stop, looking at one another.

It’s most likely the other Hunter brothers behind that door, and they’ve probably heard my want-filled moans . . .

Are they joining us?

Do I want them to?


I wasted three years of my life with a loser. Three precious years I’ll never get back. Even by my standards, what happened with Joseph was bad.

I don’t know why I have such bad luck with men. It’s not that I’m hideous and nobody wants me.

I have long, silky chestnut hair and almond-shaped green eyes, both of which get me regular compliments. I wish I was taller, but I’ve been told I have a proportional body.

Yes, I’ve put on a little bit of weight over summer holiday, but I can still fit into my clothes, although I’ll admit they’re a little tight.

I do get some male attention, but . . . I don’t know, I’m just not into the men who like me, and the men I like aren’t into me.

My mom says I’m too picky. She says when she was my age, she was already pregnant with me. She’s always been very domestic, my mom. And competitive.

She probably would’ve had more children if it weren’t for her endometriosis, which she got not long after giving birth to me. She tells me she cried and wailed in her doctor’s office he told her the disease had gotten so bad a hysterectomy was medically necessary.

Maybe that’s why she wants me to get married and pop out babies ASAP. I’m only twenty-one, but that also means my mom’s been waiting for twenty-one years to have another baby in the family.

That’s one of the big reasons why I stayed with Joseph for so long, actually: because my mom liked him. She still does, which kind of makes me angry.

I mean, she’s my mom; she’s supposed to be on my side.

I could forgive her when I was still with Joseph, because I didn’t tell her what he was like. But now that she knows, I’m having trouble understanding why she still wants me to be with him.