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The Wives

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Bradley Taylor has a secret; the multibillionaire with the killer smile and winning personality, not to mention his renowned prowess in the boardroom is the husband of three women.

Meet Janine, Marcy and Anna, the three women who holds his heart in their hands, three women who has learned to share the one man they love with each other while living together.
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My name is Bradley Taylor111 my friends call me Brad.

I’m considered an upstanding member of the business community, revered by many for my business acumen and my prowess in the boardroom, I’m a shark and make no apologies for it, that’s pretty much how I approach everything in life.

In some circles I'm called suave and debonair, women adore me, including my lovely wife of five years, I'm thirty two, in the greatest shape of my life, with the world at my finger tips. My software patent that sold for millions my second year in college was still making me even more money everyday because I’d had the good sense to work out a deal in such a way that I still stood to gain from royalties among other things associated with the patent, which meant anything the company that bought it did with it I still made something, they did plenty.

But that's not what this story is about though, no this story is about the secret I've been keeping for three years now, a secret that could potentially prove disastrous if the wrong people get wind of it that secret? The fact that I have not one but three wives.

No not like that, I didn't marry one woman and then run off to another state and marry another, I mean I have three wives who live in the same house as I who are raising my children together, as one big happy family.

It has been rather easy keeping our secret so far, much easier than I had first expected, that could be because my family lived on a four thousand acre spread far away from any neighbors and prying eyes and the fact that our children are not yet part of the school system though if anyone thought to look they’d see that my name is on all their birth certificates. We live a pretty normal life all things considered, even taking holidays together, though we tend to gravitate towards Europe where folks pretty much mind their own business and it isn't frowned upon too much to see a man out and about with his arms around two beautiful women.

My wives and I are not part of any religious sect, this is just the lifestyle I have always seen myself living, so I sought out a woman who was of the same bent and started what I call my little harem.

Chapter 1

Janine, Marcy and Anna, are my women, each beautiful in their own right and each with a different need that only I can fulfill. Janine is my first wife, we've known each other since college, she's the stay at home motherly type whose only interest is in pleasing me, I need that. The rigors of the business world take a lot out of me and I need her soft kindness to decompress at the end of a long tiring day.

Marcy is wife number two she's a little more out going than Janine; she's also my go to girl for business ideas, she's got a good head on her shoulders when it comes to investments and things of that nature and is one of the reasons our little family will be solvent for many years to come.

She has a no nonsense approach to life, kind of a go getter if you will, that's how she ended up with us, she wanted me she claimed at first sight and after a few rough patches in the beginning when she first realized I had no intentions of leaving my wife and in fact wanted her to join our union she came on board.

Then there's Anna, the name invokes thoughts of piety and wholesomeness somehow, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Anna is my little freak; after being married to my sweet Janine for two years before meeting and marrying Marcy, I met Anna one year later, so we've been together for two years now Anna and I whereas its been five for Janine and I and three for Marcy. Anna loves to fuck, not that the others don't but you've got to understand; my first two wives are in their early thirties and late twenties, Anna is twenty three, not a college grad like the other two and from a completely different background from the rest of us.

She's wild and uninhibited and totally blows me over. Sex with her is always an adventure, where Janine and Marcy likes a good thorough love making session, my Anna prefers gritty, edgy fucking with a little pain and daddy kink thrown in for good measure.

Between us we have six children Anna just gave birth to twin boys three and a half months ago, Janine has three a girl and two boys and Marcy has one boy. My kids, like my wives are my life, there's nothing I wouldn't do for any of them. That's why I try so hard to keep us safe; not many people would understand or accept our lifestyle no matter that it’s our choice, they'd either see me as a dirty old man or perceive my wives to be dupes. Nothing could be farther from the truth, these women are smart as fuck, they each knew a good thing when they saw it and latched on and that's not my ego talking.