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The Wolf and His Wife (Wolf #2)

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Tensions rise and now I have two enemies that want me dead. But I've never felt safer.
My wolf protects me. He cherishes me. And I think he loves me.
This arranged marriage was detested by us both, but now I look at him with new eyes.
My husband is strong, smart, and gorgeous. His coffee-colored eyes make me melt. My heart slowly starts to soften for this man and I fall deeper and deeper.
I fall in love with my husband.
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Wolf Series by Penelope Sky

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We seemed to go back in time.

Maverick and I were strangers once more.

He went about his life and pretended I didn’t exist. When he wasn’t at the house, he was at work. Even late into the evenings, he seemed to stay at the office just so he wouldn’t have to see me.

The man hated me.

Women came and went, replacing me in his bed.

I wasn’t jealous of his lovers. I was jealous that I lost my wolf. Now, we were two strangers who never spoke to each other, who forgot about the connection we’d once had. We weren’t even friends anymore.

It was all my fault.

Henry fell asleep, so I slipped out of bed and picked up my dress off the floor. The bedroom was dark, with the exception of the dim light from the street that entered through the window. After I finished a performance, I came here for affection…since I wasn’t getting any at home.

As the soft fabric fell down my body and over my hips, I felt unsatisfied. The sex was good but not nearly as good as it’d been with Maverick. That man had hands that were meant to grab a woman. He had lips that knew how to kiss a woman. He had the perfect touch to make my toes curl, to make the air halt in my lungs as I writhed in ecstasy. I didn’t usually compare lovers because they were all at about the same level. But now that I’d been with Maverick, I understood why so many women wanted to sleep in his bed.

Henry stirred when he heard me grab my heels. “Leaving?”

I’d been hoping to slip out without waking him. “Yes. I have an early morning tomorrow.” That was a lie. I had nothing to do. My life revolved around the opera, and that took place in the evenings. I spent my days in a mansion without anyone to talk to.

He got out of bed and came up behind me. “You should stay anyway.” His arms circled my waist, and he placed a kiss on my neck.

“No, I can’t.” I moved out of his reach and sat on the armchair so I could put my heels on.

He stood naked in front of me, his eyes filled with disappointment.

I ignored his nakedness and stood up again, grabbing my clutch off the table. “Goodnight, Henry.” I headed to the door, my heels echoing off the hardwood floor.

He followed me, his large feet making a dull thump with his movements.

Before I could open the door, he grabbed me by the wrist and turned me around. I looked into his gaze, seeing the desire to yank me back and never let me go. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, afraid he might actually do that.

He leaned in and kissed the corner of my mouth. “Come over tomorrow.” He knew exactly when I was working because the production schedule was public information. So he always knew when I would be just down the street.

I didn’t see this fling going anywhere. The sex wasn’t good enough to keep having, and I found myself lying in the dark thinking about Maverick. I stressed about our relationship, how I would earn his trust again. He seemed to be the only thing on my mind…and Henry couldn’t make me forget about it. The relationship didn’t feel right, so it was time to move on. “This isn’t working, Henry.”

His eyes fell like I’d punched him in the stomach. They narrowed in offense and disappointment, like he hadn’t seen my rejection coming. His fingers loosened on my elbow. “Why is that?”

I respected a man who had pride when he got dumped. The ones who begged and argued were clingy and annoying. He seemed to be the latter. “It doesn’t matter. Take care, Henry.” I walked out so I wouldn’t have to see the irritated look on his face. I’d been down this road many times, ending a relationship with a man who wasn’t ready to let go. Dante had been the first man to leave me—and it hurt. But that was how life worked… I didn’t need to explain myself. Henry and I only had slept together a few times. It wasn’t like it meant anything. I walked out the door and didn’t look back.


A conversation would just prolong the inevitable, and I wasn’t in the mood for a lengthy discussion. It was late and I was tired. I wanted to sleep in my own bed and start a new day tomorrow. So I ignored him and kept walking.

I sat alone at the breakfast table like I did every morning.

Maverick didn’t join me anymore. He must take his meals in his office or somewhere else in the three-story mansion.

I poured cream into my coffee and watched the swirl develop. The table was covered with pastries, bread, and fruit. It was more food than a single person could eat, but Abigail insisted on serving me like I had the stomach of four grown men.