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Law enforcement has never really been my cup of tea—especially since I hacked the FBI when I was only a teenager. That all changes the moment I see Marley. She’s the deputy in the small snowy town I just moved to, and I can’t get enough of her. So much so that I lure her out to my place every chance I get.
This time though I do it ahead of a monster snowstorm. In a very mysterious and has-nothing-to-do-with-me turn of events, her tires end up slashed, so now she has to ride out the storm in my warm, cozy house. I have all her favorite things, and I intend to tempt her right into my bed. But when she finds out the lengths I’ve gone to just to get her in my grasp, will she decide I deserve coal in my stocking instead of the gift of her love?

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A smirk pulls at my lips when I read the weather report. A terrible plan is starting to form in my mind. One that involves an adorably tiny town deputy.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Mick asks, sounding confused by his own question. “Are you smiling?”

“Fuck off.” I click out of the weather report giving my attention back to Trudy and Mick on my computer screen. “Finish with your updates.” I lean back in my chair, my thoughts already drifting back to Deputy Hudson, my plan rapidly growing by the second.

“We did.” They both speak at the same time.

“Your new place doesn't count as a vacation home if you’re always there and always working,” Trudy informs me. Things change sometimes or don’t go as you thought they would. Normally I hate that, but this time I am enjoying the change.

I bought a cabin out in Winter Falls as a getaway. My own home back in the city has become overrun with my own damn company. There are people always coming and going. What had started as a small security firm has now turned into a hugely successful, ever-growing company.

“You’re the one that said I should get out of the office more,” I remind her.

Trudy has been my right hand since I opened Secure Assists years ago after I’d retired from the FBI. By retire, I mean I finally got out from under their thumb. I was seventeen when they’d gotten their hands on me after I’d hacked into a few of their so-called untouchable databases.

To a seventeen-year-old punk kid, it sounded like a challenge. I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, to be honest. It was either go to work for them or spend a big chunk of my young life in jail. I’d stayed working with them for five years. I’d learned a lot and made some good contacts along the way. I still do some freelance work for them. The only difference now is it costs them a fuck ton of money for my services.

“Do you ever plan to come back here? It’s almost Christmas,” Mick asks.

“No, he had me send a bunch of Christmas decorations out there.” Trudy answers for me.

“Christmas decorations? As in you're decorating?” I should be offended at the look of pure shock on his face, but I’m not. I was never one to decorate or even celebrate the holidays. To me, they were just another day. That was until I laid eyes on my little deputy.

“How about you two mind your own business?”

“You are my business.” Trudy pushes her glasses up her nose.

“If we’re done here,” I say as I close out their screens, ending the call.

I stand from my desk, heading into the entryway to inspect all the crap I’d requested and Trudy sent for me. In true Trudy fashion, she went above and beyond what I’d asked for. All the boxes fill up the whole entryway. I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking with this.

I’d gotten my cabin out in the middle of nowhere for solitude. Now here I am having my assistant send me a bunch of shit to try and attract someone's attention. Not just someone; I’m trying to lure Deputy Hudson with all of her holiday cheer.

I’ve learned a lot about my little deputy since I moved here. I may have taken some liberties with getting that information, but I knew I needed every advantage I could get when it came to her. I mean what’s the use of being a good hacker if you can’t use it to your benefit?

Through my digging, I found out that she’s been in the position for six months. It doesn’t look as if she’s had any formal training. Her education background showed she has a degree in social work. After poking around a bit, I also discovered she is single. Which is perfect, since she’s meant to be mine.

I need to get started on getting this place in tip top shape. That way the only thing left to do is figure out how to lure my little deputy here. It shouldn’t be hard, to be honest. I mean, she has to come and check things out if I put in a call. And since she’s the newbie, I know she’s the one they’ll send if I call. So I’m not really worried about getting her here, but keeping her once she is here. But things are looking up for me. The impending snowstorm is just the thing I need to help me.

A growl leaves me when my alarm for the front gate goes off. I pull out my phone and see it’s my food delivery. I hit the code, letting the gate swing open for the kid. I pop the locks on my front door and watch him pull down my driveaway.