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Their Stepsister

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Alexa Riley


Sarah, Logan, Luke

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Sweet, innocent, virginal Sarah had never once stopped thinking about her stepbrothers since she left for college. Identical in looks but opposites in personality, the twins were everything Sarah wanted in a lover.
Now that sexy little Sarah was home for good, twins Luke and Logan could no longer fight the pull and keep away from her. She'd grown into a beautiful young woman.
She had curves that made their mouths water and a body made for two men. Evidently years in the Marines and away from Sarah hadn't curbed their lust or obsession.
It was time for Luke and Logan to make a move. It was time for Sarah to learn who she belonged to. She was theirs - heart, body and soul.
Warning! Only for readers above 18, this book contains insta-love, taboo romance, menage and double penetration at its dirtiest. Proceed with caution.
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CHAPTER 1 *Sarah*

“Sam, if my brothers catch you in here again they’re going to rip you a new hole,” I say, scrolling through today’s itinerary. Sam has asked me out every day since I started working at Steel Security two weeks ago and I feel my resistance slipping. He’s extremely handsome in the gruff kind of way but I worry about mixing work and pleasure. Not only that, but my brothers promise a torturous death to anyone that so much as looks in my direction. They won’t allow a cock to get near me if they can help it. I’m either at home in their condo, or here at their security firm – always on their territory where their word is law.

I might be the world’s only twenty-four-year-old virgin. I would really like to ditch the V-card sooner rather than later. I haven’t been trying to hold on to the freaking thing, but life just kept happening. When I was eight, I lost my father to cancer, and it was just my mom and me for a few years. Then she met my stepfather, Dean Steel, when I was ten. Not only did I get a new father, I also got two brothers – twins. They were six years older than me. I followed Luke and Logan around like a lost puppy. Maybe I did it because of the lack of male attention after my dad died. I went from not having my dad any more to suddenly having three men in my life. I’m sure I drove them crazy, but they never let on. Luke and Logan still picked me up from school every day and took me to dance classes when Mom or Dean couldn’t.

When they turned eighteen, they both took off for the Marines. I’m not sure if it was what they wanted, or if they didn’t want to burden our parents with two kids in college at the same time. Luke and Logan would come home for visits and holidays and each time my crush for them would grow. I can still remember my first orgasm as I thought of both of them, thinking of both of their hands on me. Since then they’ve owned every orgasm I’ve ever had.

My world came crashing down when a car accident took our parents away from us. It was the end of my senior year in high school and the twins came home for as long as they could. They stayed long enough to take care of everything and ship me off to college, where I stayed for the next six years. When they were finally able to leave the Marines they did. They came home and started Steel Security, where I’ve been working since I graduated college.

“It would be worth it. Come on, Sarah. One date,” he says, rubbing his hand across his scruffy beard and giving me his best puppy dog face. “I’ll be a perfect gentleman. Promise.”

Why shouldn’t I go on a date? Maybe it’s time to finally start living my life. I can’t keep pining for my stepbrothers, and it’s not like I can have them in that way. For one, they would never look at me like that. Two, how fucked up is it to lust after your stepbrothers? Third, they’re all I have left in this world and something like this could rip us apart. Besides, even if it were a possibility, I could never choose just one. I could never pick between Luke and Logan. Luke is dark, intense, and can make my heart flutter with one look. Logan is sweet, makes me laugh, and gives me the biggest urge to climb in his lap and let him have his way with me.

I’ve heard whispers about them sharing women. The thought pisses me off because, while I’ve never seen them with a woman, I don’t want to imagine them living out my fantasy with another woman. Between living in the dorms at college and them being in the Marines, there wasn’t an opportunity for me to get an insight into their sex lives. I can’t even recall them talking about anyone special. Now that I’m living with them I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I see them with someone. I’ve really got to find my own place before that painful inevitability happens.

“All right, Sam. I caught a ride with Luke today, so why don’t we just gets drinks after work and then you can take me home?”

“Sarah, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“Okay. Now get your ass out of here before my brothers walk in,” I say, wanting to get Sam gone before they see him hanging around my desk once again. Not that I’m afraid of them. It’s more that I just don’t want to hear their mouths on this issue. Throwing me a wink, Sam leaves, perkier than he was when he arrived. Now I just need to make sure no one see me leave with him later.