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Wanted By The Devil (Devil's Riders #1)

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Joanna Blake

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Kaylie was just out of high school and still a virgin when she noticed someone following her. Wherever she went, she heard it: the sound of a purring motorcycle behind her. It wasn't always the same guy, but she knew they were always there for him.
Devlin McRae.
He was the head of the local MC club and as mean as a snake. At least that's what people said. She'd waited on him a few times at the diner and he'd always been polite and tipped extremely well. He was gorgeous too, tall, built and blond with boyish good looks. She hadn't minded a bit when she'd felt his eyes following her around the restaurant.
But being followed all the time like this was disconcerting. And lately, the bikes had been getting closer, less secretive, more obvious. What would she do if Devlin ever caught her?
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Devil's Riders Series by Joanna Blake

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Devlin sat at the bar at the clubhouse. It was a typical Tuesday night at the Spawn's headquarters. As usual, there were a couple of sweetbutts giving him the eye. He pulled on his beer.

He wasn't taking them up on their unspoken offer tonight. He hadn’t in a while, especially now that the time was getting close. The girls were accommodating to be sure, especially to the MC Club President. He knew it didn't hurt that he was tall and muscular with boyish good looks.

Fuck man, he was beating women off with a stick on a daily basis. Had been for years. He ignored them for the most part, only giving them the nod when he was pent up. And it had been months now.

He’d just come from the diner. He was always riled up when he came from there. He was horny as hell.

Because of her.

Kaylie. The sweet little waitress who worked at Mae's. He went in at least twice a week. And twice a week, he came out frustrated. It was getting worse too, the older she got. The girl was ripe for the plucking- almost.

He'd been waiting almost two years already.

Waiting for her to grow up.

She was eighteen now at least but still in high school. There was no way he could approach her. Not if he wanted something that could last. Damn if he didn't already think of her as his old lady.

So he couldn't touch her. Not yet. He eyed the girls preening for his benefit nearby. There were two, a blond and a brunette. There was no way in hell he was touching the club skanks.

He was about to send them away when he saw trouble walk in. It was his ex, Dani. She was always creating some sort of drama. He cursed under his breath and called Donnie over from behind the bar.

"Yeah man what's up?"

Dev jerked his head toward the door.

"Oh shit. Her again? Want me to get rid of her?"

Dev just shook his head. As family of a club member, she had a right to be there. Within limits. And Dani was always testing limits.

"Give me a shot. I'm going to make a point."

“You taking what they are offering?”

“No. But Dani doesn’t need to know that.”

He gave the signal to the two sweetbutts and they came over to him, each sliding an arm around his shoulders. He tossed back the shot and glanced over his shoulder at Dani. She was scowling, not liking seeing him with two girls. Hell, she didn't seem to like seeing him with anyone.

That was her problem.

They had dated so long ago, and only for a couple of months. She was a nice enough looking woman, but he had only kept it going out of respect for her sister's husband, Bruce. He was a good guy and a rock solid club member.

Dev had already nailed her when he realized that she wasn't just a hanger on. He'd had to pay her the proper respect. But that's the only reason he didn't treat her like a club skank.

God knows she acted like one.

One of the girls whispered in his ear, asking him if he wanted to do them together. He nodded, deciding to play along until they were in private. He would tell them to take a hike soon.

As long as Dani thought he was otherwise occupied, she would leave. He could use some peace and quiet anyway.

Dev stood and the girls followed him out of the barroom. They went into the back of the clubhouse and up the stairs were that led to his private crib. It was just a bedroom and a bathroom but as Club President it was his and his alone. There were other rooms for the rest of the club to crash but this was his own personal space.

“Give it five minutes, then you can go.”

“You don’t want to party?”

“No. It’s too soon.”

“Soon till what?”

“Too soon till I get what I really want.”

The girls shrugged and sat on the edge of his bed, playing with their phones until he told them they could go. He pulled deeply on his beer and grabbed another one from the small fridge in the corner. He was beat and didn’t want to take the chance Dani was still down there.

The only way to get rid of her was to be with someone else. And soon, that was not going to be an issue.

Pretty soon, it would be official.

He was about to be a one woman man.

Chapter 1


Someone was following her. Again.

It was a perfect day. A warm, early summer day in the middle of June. The sun was shining, the birds were singing.

And she was being followed.

She felt like a deer being stalked by a wolf in the woods. She knew they weren’t there to hurt her. But she didn’t understand why they were stalking her if they weren’t going to pounce.