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We all have an inner child, but some are brattier than others.

Angel Murphy’s been hurt by the one man that should have vowed to nurture and protect her. But, when tech billionaire Adam Stone jogs into her life, she thinks she’s found her safe place.

He’s everything her father should have been. Calm. Protective. Present. Not to mention, he’s a hunk of gorgeousness usually reserved for Hallmark movies and spicy romance novels.

When Adam sets his sights on the curvy law firm intern, he’s all in. Only, his one-and-only is sometimes her own worst enemy. After a night she’d rather forget, Adam steps up to show her how things between them need to change.

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“God damn it, baby.” I groan. “You’re about to strangle my fucking dick.”

There’s a tight ring that latches on just inside her as I set myself balls deep, and right now it’s clamped onto me like a vise.

I tell myself she never wants me to leave.

And I don’t want to leave.

I’d fucking live inside her pussy if it were possible. Fuck, I never imagined I’d have anything like this with anyone. I never knew anything like this existed.

My cock swells as her death grip tightens, her inner walls stroking me off, and it’s hard as fuck to even take a full breath.

“Your cunt is magic.” I seethe as I draw back the few inches I dare and plunge forward again, irrationally angry at not having every inch of me inside her, not settling as deep as her body can accept.

If I know nothing in this world except this: this is where I belong. Where she needs me. Where she needs my seed.

As if she reads my mind, her eyes latch to mine as she speaks. “Daddy, I need your cum inside me.” Her voice is scratchy from the repeated orgasms. The words are a desperate plea, a cry for mercy, and looking down into her eyes I see my own personal heaven.

My heaven. Because that’s what she is.


“I’m going to give it to you, Babybear. Daddy just needs more of you for a little longer. You know what I need. One more, just for me.” The last words deepen as the harshness bubbles up.

She brings out the monster in me and little by little my sweet girl is learning that is part of how I love her.

And only her.

“Daddybear, okay…now, may I cum now?” Her eyes flutter on a gasp as I drive my cock in and out, pulling her hips closer to me. Her legs are spread obscenely wide, showing off how her dripping pink opening sucks me on every stroke. “Oh, God…”

“Not yet.” I growl slamming into her like a rutting boar hell bent on my pleasure. “You know goodgirls say please. You didn’t say please.”

She cringes and presses her head back into the white bedding that’s crumpled around her.

“Pleeeeease.” She pleads, and I so love to hear the desperation.

The need.

“Daddy will tell you when you can come. Not before. And I say not yet.”

“But, I said please…” She whimpers, and it only serves to feed the beast.

It’s not fair, I get that. I tell her I need her to cum, then I tell her not yet. But the control intoxicates me and from the look in her eyes when I play with her, the way her pussy just gushed all over my cock, it does the same for her.

I lean over, pressing my body harder into her open slit, applying pressure to her clit and revel in the moment as her pleas turn frantic.

“Daddy, God, please, please, please, please please please. I can’t stop it.” Her voice cracks and I feel her body tighten around me with another release of arousal until it’s dripping off my balls.

But all I do is press myself harder against her, unrelenting.

“Not yet, Babybear. Don’t you dare come yet. This pussy is for me to enjoy. I allow you your pleasure when it suits me, baby. I give you your pleasure as I see fit. You like being Daddy’s slutty little girl, don’t you?”

She nods, her eyes rolling upward as she battles to restrain her orgasm. My words make it more difficult for her to rein herself in, I know it. And I love it.

Holding her off like this feeds the monster in me.

The man in me cares for her, loves her, shows her devotion and all the kindnesses she deserves.

But the monster. Fuck, the monster loves to see this.

Her suffering. For me and only me.

She willingly gives her body, mind and soul to me to do as I please. It’s intoxicating.

And a responsibility I gladly accept.

That suffering has my heart pounding and my dick ready to deliver that which fulfills her. Her cheeks blush deep red and I can’t believe I managed to become inextricably attached to her so quickly.

Attached to anyone for that matter.

I pummel her without mercy until the muscles in the backs of my legs and my ass start to cramp. The sound of our wet flesh slapping together fills the space around us.

“Ouch… Daddybear, not so hard. It hurts…” She uses that little girl voice she knows drives me mad.

“Shhh, baby. Be a goodgirl. Daddy’s almost done.” Without mercy I pull nearly completely out of her, then plunge back in harder and harder as it’s nearing impossible to hold off my own release.

Her back arches, tears streaming out of the corners of her eyes as she struggles to hold on.

“You’re mine, Babybear. All of you. Don’t you forget it. Now fuck your Daddy the way a goodgirl should and I’ll tell you when to come.”