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Golden Valley (Pack #3)

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Cardeno C.

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A generous Alpha with a tragic past and a young Omega with hopes for the future overcome mistakes to heal a pack and find happiness together. Life has thrown more than his fair share of challenges and losses at Alpha Morgan Peters. Despite his pain and disappointment, the shifter picks himself up and does right by his pack. As the years pass, Morgan establishes himself as a leader who is as kind as he is strong and Golden Valley prospers. But it isn't until an Omega shifter enters his life that Morgan sees hope for a future where he can be more than an Alpha.

When Psi Omega Ricky Marx goes to Golden Valley as a representative of his home pack, he is thrilled to find his mate—the beautiful, powerful Golden Valley Alpha. Unfortunately, their first meeting doesn't go well, and overwhelmed by his mistakes, Ricky sees no choice but to flee.

Morgan's past makes him struggle to absorb more loss. Ricky's youth makes him struggle to find his voice. But if these two shifters can overcome their challenges and come back together, they'll heal the Golden Valley pack and fulfill their destiny.
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Pack Series by Cardeno C.

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Cardeno C.


“Are you really going to come back, Morgan?”

Zipper raised halfway, Morgan looked up and met Lillian’s worried gaze. “Of course, I’m coming back. Golden Valley is my home.”

“Well, yeah, but when you’re living with all those other packs, you’ll meet tons of new people. Maybe you’ll even visit a pack that needs an Alpha.” Teeth digging into her lower lip, she fiddled with the sheet pooled around her waist and shrugged. “Why would you bother coming back to Golden Valley when you know your brother’s set to lead the pack after your dad steps down?”

“Come on. You know me better than that.” He and Lillian had been friends for as long as he could remember and lovers for a few months. They weren’t mates, so the current arrangement wouldn’t have lasted even if he wasn’t leaving, but she knew him better than anyone. “I have no interest in leading a pack. None.” He finished zipping and buttoning his pants, pulled his shirt over his head, and then he stepped over to the bed and sat down. “I’m going to tour through other packs so I can learn skills that help Golden Valley.” And if he was lucky, he would meet his mate, bring her home, and they’d have a family. “It’s only five years and I’ll come home to visit during breaks.”

“Only five years.” Lillian rolled her eyes and then collapsed backward on the mattress. “That’s forever.”

“This dramatic side of you is new,” he said with a laugh. “I think I like it. And I won’t be traveling all that long when you consider how many packs I’ll get to live with. Plus, it’s an amazing opportunity.”

“I know. I know. It’s great for you.” She huffed and crossed her arms over her bare chest. “But I don't buy the not-wanting-to-be-pack-Alpha thing. Every Alpha wants to lead a pack. It’s like ingrained in you guys. You’re never coming back to Golden Valley.”

“Not every Alpha wants to lead a pack.”

She turned her head to the side and arched her eyebrows, her expression disbelieving.

“Seriously, Lil.” He chuckled as he reached for the blanket and shook it over her. “Why would I want to be a pack Alpha?”

“Uh, because you’d be the most powerful wolf in the pack. Everyone would listen to you and throw themselves at you and you’d get to make all the decisions and—”

“I’m already the third most powerful wolf in this pack after my father and my brother. That’s plenty powerful. And with everything I’ll be learning during my travels, I’ll be able to manage pack finances and businesses. That’s an important role full of decisions. And sleeping with random pack members until they find their mates is Jerold’s thing, not mine.” With as many pack members as his brother took to bed, it was a wonder he had time to do anything else. “I want a family and the most important part of that is having a mate.” Although shifters were usually blessed with a mate to share their lives, some people said the fates gave an Alpha wolf a mate only if he was powerful enough to care for his pack and his mate. His father told him that wasn’t true, but Morgan wasn’t one for taking chances, especially with something this important. If he wasn’t leading a pack, there would be no risk that he’d miss out on having a mate and a family.

“You could lead a pack and have a mate.” Lillian leaned up on her forearms. “You know that stuff about Alphas not having mates is an old wives’ tale. Your father has a mate and he’s pack Alpha.”

“Maybe my dad’s an exception. Most Alphas aren’t as powerful as him.”

Alexander Peters was strong, smart, and charismatic. The pack admired him and other Alphas envied him. He was the perfect leader. But he was also the man who had played catch with him and Jerold when they were kids, who still read bedtime stories to their little sister, and who danced with their mother in the kitchen. That was the part of his father’s life that Morgan had grown up wanting, and he had no desire to risk losing it just so he could be pack Alpha. “Lots of Alphas don’t have mates. Look at my brother.”

“Your brother’s only twenty-six. He could still find his mate.”

Morgan arched his eyebrows and coughed. His brother would make a solid pack leader. He oozed charisma, everyone loved him, and he had been trained since birth for the role. At his age, Jerold could have already taken the reins from their father, but he was still too busy having fun. And Jerold’s version of fun meant hunting with his buddies and fucking his way through seemingly every pack member who came of age. Taking over pack leadership would require Jerold to settle down some, but having a mate and children would put an end to his lifestyle entirely. Even without a pack to run, Morgan doubted his brother had the capacity to care for a mate, and he certainly didn’t have the desire.