In Your Pucking Dreams (Kings of Denver #2) Read Online Sheridan Anne

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I made the worst decision of my life when I left Denver three years ago.

I broke his heart. I broke my family’s hearts. And then I broke my own.

It’s taken three long years, but here I am staring my past in the face.

Only everything has changed.

He isn’t the boy I once knew. He’s the Captain of the Denver Dragons.

No longer a boy, but a man—a man who has a reputation made by his many achievements in the bedroom.

I know I should stay away, but fate was written in the stars when it comes to Jaxon Payne.


I’m up for the best senior year known to man.

I’m the king of campus. The captain of the ice hockey team with endless amounts of chicks at my disposal. I worked hard not to have a damn string hold me down.

Until my past comes back to haunt me

Why, might you ask?

Because she’s back.

In Your Pucking Dreams is a New Adult, College Sports Romance with a HEA.

CONTENT WARNING: Detailed sexual content, sexual assault, stalking, body mutilation, and heavy coarse language.

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Jaxon climbs through my window, the smell of his perfect cologne filling my room with the soft night breeze. I cringe, not wanting him to see my face. The man knows me better than I know myself. He would sense something’s wrong. He just knows . . . he’s always known.

Closing my eyes, I pretend to be asleep, listening as he undresses. I hear him lose his shirt, dumping it on the couch before I hear his belt buckle clank heavily to the ground. The sound of his zipper follows before he steps out of his jeans.

He pulls the blanket back, allowing the cool air to brush my skin before sliding in behind me. His strong arms curl around me, pulling me into the safety of his body, right where I’ve always belonged. He’s just gotten back from hockey training and most likely had to sit in a cold car on the way home after his parents refused to fix his heating. I’m sure one of my brothers could do it for him if only he stopped being so stubborn and just asked.

“Love you,” Jaxon murmurs as he presses a soft kiss to my neck and nuzzles in.

I don’t dare say it back for fear of breaking.

My body betrays me as I snuggle deeper into his hold, and I stay there all night. I’m wrapped in his loving arms, listening to the soft, rhythmic sound of his heart, knowing that what I’m about to do is going to tear him to shreds. That knowledge on its own is nearly enough to kill me, and I hate myself for what I’m about to put him through.

It’s a little after four in the morning, and I haven’t slept a wink. My eyes are red and raw from the constant flow of tears I’ve spilled throughout the night. Discreetly lifting his arm, I slide out from under him, being as quiet as possible to not wake him. I go to the bathroom and get dressed before quietly pulling my pre-packed suitcase out from under my bed, holding back the violent sobs threatening to tear free from my chest.

Why does this have to be so hard?

Walking over to him and glancing down at the man who holds my heart, I gently press a kiss to his temple, breaking my own damn heart in the process. “I’m sorry,” I whisper into the night, fearing I might wake him as I hastily wipe my face. “I love you so damn much.”

The knowledge that this will be the last time I’ll ever whisper those precious words to him tears me apart, and I let out one last shaky breath before tearing my gaze away from his sleeping body. Taking the handle of my suitcase, I walk out the door before I convince myself to stay. Within moments, I’m out of the home I grew up in and rushing down the long driveway, sobbing so fiercely that breathing is damn near impossible.

This is the right thing to do.

I repeat my mantra over and over again. I need to get away and discover myself. Be happy and confident in my own skin. I’ll come back and visit my family every chance I get, but I have to do this for me. It’s gonna be fine. It has to be fine. They’ll understand.

This is the right thing to do.

Opening the big metal gates, I find my Uber ready and waiting to help me start my new life. The driver gets out and cringes as he takes me in, but chooses not to mention the tears streaming down my face. He takes my suitcase and loads it in the back before opening the door for me.

“Rough night?” he asks.

With a sigh, I let out a shaky breath and pull myself together as I look back at the home that once held my whole world. “Something like that,” I tell him, struggling to get the words past the lump in my throat. And with that, I slide into the backseat, hoping to God I’m doing the right thing.

An hour later, I stand at the gate with my boarding pass in my shaking hand. “Miss,” the lady at the gate says, trying to get my attention for the third time. I turn my head, and seeing my tear-stained cheeks, she gives me a pitying smile. “This is the last call for this flight. If you’re not ready, there’s another one leaving at nine. Just visit the help desk and they can transfer your ticket.”

Shit. It’ll be too late by then. It’s now or never.

“No,” I say with a shake of my head as I hand her my pass, plastering a fake smile across my face. “I’m ready. I’m coming.”

With a tight smile, she takes my boarding pass and scans it before handing it back, unknowingly changing my entire life with that one action.