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Obvious (BONUS CONTENT) (The Finn Factor #10)

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R.G. Alexander

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Could he be more Obvious?

Matthew Finn is about to find out. He’s got a crush and a prickly pickle of a problem, but with a little help from his newfound family, he’ll convince Oliver “Legs” Garcia that he's the real thing.

*The first half of this novella was originally posted as a free read in 2018, but has since been revised and doubled in length with a Bonus section aptly titled, More Obvious.
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The Finn Factor Series by R.G. Alexander

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Chapter One

“What’s the story with Legs McGee?”

Matthew Finn let the question fall like an afterthought, idle curiosity meant to fill a lull in the conversation instead of something he’d been wanting to ask for the last hour. Getting the answer was the reason he was voluntarily spending Friday night in his brother William’s still-unopened boxing gym, eating cold ham off a paper plate while trading friendly insults and gossip with his cousin Rory and William’s brother-in-law, Robert Wayne.

All because Matthew couldn’t get his mind off the slender fitness demon currently doing a second set of come-hither dumbbell squats on the other side of the gym, his clinging nylon shorts threatening to Free Willy at any moment.

Watching the man from a distance, the way he had every night for the last week, was starting to get to him. He’d never been into guys before. Not that he had anything against people who swung that way—he wasn’t an asshole. He’d just always been attracted to women. In fact, he’d been so confident in his sexuality up to this point that he could admire a good-looking man, aesthetically speaking, without having the desire to take him home and pin him to his bed.

Matthew wanted to take this one home.

Damned if he could explain it, but it was all he could think about. He was all he could think about, and his need to know more about him wasn’t going away. If anything, his obsession was getting worse, and it was starting to invade every aspect of his life.

“Whose legs are we talking about here?” Rory asked. “Did Robert finally get a date and we’re here to get all the graphic details? Now I know why you invited me along. Sex stories and leftovers are two of my favorite things.”

He winked at Matthew before sliding a napkin across the counter to Robert.

“We all know how much you like to share sex stories, but that’s not happening tonight,” Robert waved his plastic fork toward Rory in warning. “I’m too young to be hearing about any more of your Kama Sutra Gumby positions. And you are the last person I’d be giving details to about my sex life, even if I’d had enough time to date in the last few months. Which I haven’t.”

“You don’t have time to date?” Rory sounded skeptical. “Because sitting around at a closed gym is too time consuming?”

“Sitting around? I’ve been the main contact dealing with last minute construction, the utility companies, and all the advertising. I left my job to work here, in case you’ve forgotten, so I’ve got a stake in it being a success. This place is my priority right now.”

“I call bullshit,” Rory muttered in Matthew’s direction. “Sex is every man’s priority. And his job issues happened after that time he brought some jerk of a coworker home to date his brother—”

“One mistake and they never let it go,” Robert groaned. “I didn’t even know Younger existed then. Haven’t I been punished enough?”

“Well now I think so,” Matthew said, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from grinning. “But you Waynes appear to have a talent for grudge-holding that’s unsurpassed in this modern age.”

“And we Finns still love stirring the pot.” Rory’s eyes sparkled with humor. “Especially when your epic fail at matchmaking got in the way of my big brother’s romance.”

Robert rolled his eyes, and the conversation waned again as he dove back into his plate of glazed ham and baby potatoes.

Matthew stifled a sigh of frustration. So much for casual curiosity.

Just tell them, man!

As if it were that easy. The three of them had little in common, apart from their love of the free food available at their families’ regular get-togethers. Matthew hadn’t known Rory long enough to be really close to him, but he appreciated his cousin’s humor and his committed relationship with the two men who barely let him out of their sight. Rory had forged his own path to happiness, and he wasn’t shy about sharing all the details, graphic or otherwise.

Robert Wayne—who looked like a casting call for younger, more earnest Denzel Washington—was a wiz at marketing, which was how he convinced William to let him help get Finn’s Ring off the ground. He was good at details and—apart from that matchmaking fail—he usually knew how to read a room.

They were an unlikely trio, but alliances had been built on less and that was what he needed now. Allies. That was why, when Matthew realized Robert had missed tonight’s dinner to man the gym, he’d decided a special delivery was the perfect excuse to show up and grill him for information.

He hadn’t decided yet if asking Rory to come along for the ride was a good thing. But, at the very least, he’d have a better idea about how to go about getting a man’s attention.