One Night Stand (Vegas After Dark #5) Read Online Tory Baker

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Two strangers, no names, no promises, one night was all they agreed to. That’s how it started, but that’s not how it will end.

Forest Hughes is a single dad of two girls. He’s sworn off any and all relationships when it comes to women. The last woman who had his last name attached to hers put him through the wringer. Now his sole focus is on his daughters, his family, and his million dollar engineering firm.

The Hughes family has other ideas. When he walks inside his home after a business trip, he finds a surprise he never expected. It seems his past is meeting with his present.

Tory is bringing you the final book in the Vegas After Dark Series, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a fan in this single dad, alpha Hero, nanny romance, with a guaranteed HEA.

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One Night Stand Playlist

The Morning- The Weeknd

Atlantis- Seafret

Keep On Loving You- Cigarettes After Sex

Apocalypse- Cigarettes After Sex

Come Away With Me- Norah Jones

Honeybee- The Head And The Heart

Can’t You See- The Marshall Tucker Band

Crazy Love- Van Morrison

Orange Sky- Alexi Murdoch

Daughter- Loudon Wainwright III

West Coast- Lana Del Rey

To a year that wasn’t always the best at times but we survived.



One Week Earlier

“Fuck yeah, baby.” I have her pressed against the wall. Neither of us took the time to shed our clothes. Her dress is hiked up around her hips, the top beneath her tits, exposing them to me. Her not wearing a bra came in handy as my mouth detaches from one nipple, loving that she’s giving herself so freely to me. I didn’t expect to meet anyone this weekend while out of town for a work meeting, turning off the fact that I’m now a single dad. Not like I wasn’t through most of my now failed marriage. It’s nice to know that you’ve still got it after years of a loveless marriage.

“Harder,” the vixen groans as her pussy clenches around my condom-covered cock. I’m unsure if she’s talking about me fucking her or my teeth surrounding her nipple, but I give her what she wants in both cases. I rear back, losing her tight and wet warmth for only a moment until I’m slamming my way inside, so hard and deep that my mouth comes off her nipple. The scream that starts to leave her mouth has mine covering hers. That’s all we’d need—hotel security banging on the door, interrupting me pounding my way inside, lost in the pleasure, giving it my all, knowing that after our talk earlier before we went to her hotel room this is a one-night, and one night only. We didn’t exchange names or numbers, didn’t talk about anything personal, each of us needing a night away from reality. I have no idea what the woman is running away from, nor do I care. The fact that she’s let her inhibitions down, had no problem dropping to her knees the moment we walked into her hotel room, attacking my zipper, wrapping her hand around my cock, was all I needed to know. I didn’t let her mouth touch my length; it’d have been over before it even started. It’s been far too fucking long since I’ve been inside a woman, let alone a hot, warm, willing mouth. The thought of that has my spine tingling, knowing if we had more than tonight, I’d love nothing more than to feel that or to drop to my knees, her back against the wall much like it is now, my head buried between her thighs, her legs on top of my shoulders as I use my body to hold her up. Those fingers that are currently at the nape of my neck as I take her mouth would be doing the same, only pressing me closer, the need to come as bad as the need to taste her. That won’t be happening, though. She’s getting hers, and I’m getting mine. That’s what tonight is about.

“You want more?” I pull away from her lips. I was adamant when this first started that there was no need for me to kiss her. This wasn’t a date, so there was no need to take this any further than me pounding into her silken cunt.

“Yes, please, God, yes,” she chants, head tipped back, eyes closed, those thick, full lips pursed, making me want to take them again.

“Then be quiet. I can’t fuck you and keep you from screaming the hotel down,” I grunt as I thrust forward again, this time grinding myself against her clit, giving her the stimulation she needs, and since her body starts to tremble, I know it’s making her feel as good as she’s making me feel.

“Close, I’m so close.” I’m not through with her. Instead of responding, I move my hands that were placed beside her head to the cheeks of her ass, and we’re moving, my cock still inside. With every step I take, she lifts up then slides down.

“You’re going to come, and soon.” Her back meets the mattress easily. My cock doesn’t leave her as I maneuver her legs in a way so they’re on my shoulders, hands gripping the tops of her thighs hard enough to leave impressions if not bruises as I fuck my cock in and out of her cunt. This time, her eyes are on mine, blue like the Caribbean Sea. A man could get lost in them given the time. I’m not that man. Her eyes close once again, hands gripping the comforter beneath her, ankles locking tightly behind my neck, body lifting up with each moment that I pull back in order to keep the momentum.

“Yes.” It’s a low moan, quieter than earlier when I used my mouth to keep her from screaming. I don’t stop, fucking her through her orgasm, knowing I’m about to get mine. I take in every nuance—the way her nipples are still glistening from where my mouth was on them, how her body is quaking with desire, down to her bare pussy coated with wetness, my condom-covered cock tunneling in and out. Once, twice, three times, and I’m planted all the way inside a woman I don’t know the name of. Cum jets inside the latex. A groan leaves my mouth. The energy I had the entire time we were having sex is suddenly zapped from my body. It takes everything I have to maintain my standing position, fighting against my own body to fall on top of her, maybe even going so far as to moving us so I’m on my back and she’s at my side. That’s not what this is about, though, and I may not be a gentleman in some aspects, but I’ll respect both of our wishes by leaving her afterwards.