The Scarred Highlander (Blood & Honor Trilogy #1) Read Online Donna Fletcher

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Cavell is searching for the wife he never wanted.

A marriage has been arranged without his consent by his ambitious father, but he cannot locate his wife and he hopes it is because she wants nothing to do with the marriage, though a more likely reason is she doesn’t want to be wed to a badly scarred Highlander. His time with the feared and soulless Gallowglass warriors earned him the facial scars that had not only stolen his fine features but much more from him. He intends to find his wife and end the marriage.

Elsie is searching for the husband she desperately needs.

With her da ill and her and her two sisters lives in danger and things happening that make no sense, she needs the formidable Gallowglass warrior. He possesses the strength and skill required to lead the clan and keep it safe. But how can she do that when she has been confined to an abbey and declared insane. She daringly makes an escape and searches for him with plans to seal their arranged marriage permanently.

Anger sparks and passion flares when the two get together surprising them both. But more surprises await them when a long-concealed secret shrouded in darkness for years begins to reveal itself and places Elsie and her sisters’ lives in danger.

While Cavell and Elsie teeter on the edge of falling in love, they delve into the heart of the mystery, determined to unearth the secret and determined to save her sisters, and Cavell determined to save the woman he never wanted to wed and now the woman he cannot live without.

Cavell was first introduced in Highland Hearts A Cree & Dawn Novella. He popped in unexpectedly and I knew I had to give him his own book which developed into the Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy. There is a story arc that begins in this book and carries through to the third book but each individual love story finishes in each book.

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Perched on his horse, Cavell stared at Dundren Abbey that emerged after he crested the rise. Without the favorable vantage point, he would have missed the sight of the abbey altogether, hidden amidst the ethereal mist and shielded by the imposing barrier of solid stone. His eyes remained locked on the structure, wondering what his wife was doing there.

A wife he never met and one he did not want.

“The marriage is beneficial to the clan, and it is past time you had a wife.”

So his father, Lord Philip, and his older and only brother Harcus had claimed, but Cavell knew both men well. The decision had nothing to do with it being past time for him to wed and everything to do with what benefitted Clan McCabe.

He made his descent down the rise toward the abbey. His father had made it clear what he expected of the marriage. His wife Elsie was the only daughter of Chieftain Norris of Clan Murdock, who was ill and not expected to live long. Cavell would become chieftain upon the old man’s death, securing more land for Clan McCabe. He was to collect his wife and settle in his new home with her, claiming the chieftain title upon the old man’s passing.

Cavell had his own plans, and they did not include a wife or becoming Chieftain of Clan Murdock. But to see his plans to fruition, he first had to rid himself of an unwanted wife.

There was something about the abbey that set him on edge. The place appeared more like a prison than a sanctuary with the high stone wall surrounding it. He did not fear entering it, though those beyond the wall might fear granting him entrance once they looked upon him. But this was where his wife was, and he was curious as to what she was doing here rather than at home with her clan.

Women were sent to an abbey for any number of reasons and some women even chose to retreat to one from time to time. Had his wife chosen to spend time here in prayer or hadn’t the choice been hers because she was a difficult woman who required lessons in being an obedient wife? Either way, it did not matter to him. She would not be his wife for long and, if by chance, she felt as he did about the marriage, she would readily agree to dissolve it.

He dismounted in front of the thick wooden door and gave a yank on the bell rope to announce his arrival. He kept the hood of his cloak pulled down to cover a good portion of his face. He would not have anyone see it before he was granted entrance.

A small square in the center of the door suddenly opened and someone demanded, “Who bids entrance?”

Cavell’s substantial height would have forced him to bow his head to see who was speaking, but he bowed to no man.

“I am here to fetch my wife, Elsie of the Clan Murdock,” he called out, not giving any other indication as to his identity.

The door creaked open, and Cavell entered, one hand giving a tug on his horse’s reins to follow behind him and his other hand near the hilt of his dagger at his waist. He had learned well not to trust and to always be prepared to defend.

The monk’s head barely reached Cavell’s shoulder and his considerable girth indicated that he surrendered often to the sin of gluttony, and while most would think him no threat, Cavell knew better. He had known many a man the monk’s generous size to be a worthy opponent.

“I am Brother Emanual,” the monk said and waved to a nearby monk. “Brother James will see to the care and feeding of your horse while we speak and partake of our delicious mead.”

Cavell grew suspicious. What was there to speak of? He was there to collect his wife. He chose to say nothing and followed Brother Emanual into the abbey. He kept his head bent just enough so no one could glance upon his face, though that would not be for long.

They had barely made their way into the entrance of the abbey when a horrific scream echoed throughout the structure and sent Cavell’s hand clutching the handle of his dagger.

“This way,” Brother Emanual said, leading the way and paying no mind to the scream.

As a warrior, Cavell was well acquainted with paying heed to one’s senses. It saved many a warrior’s life. Right now, his senses were warning him that something was not right there.

Not sure where he was being taken or the monk’s intention, he didn’t wait. He shoved his hood back off his head.

The monk stopped at an open door and turned to Cavell to allow him to enter first and his gasp sounded more like a scream as his eyes rounded in shock when he looked upon his face.